Why Ian Johnson Will Be the Minnesota Vikings' Next All-Purpose Running Back

Lace BanachekAnalyst IApril 30, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 23:  Runningback Ian Johnson #41 of the Boise State Broncos dives for the endzone pilon against the defense of Cornerback Rafael Priest #10 of TCU during the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium on December 23, 2008 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Ian Johnson knows what he wants and is bound and determined to achieve his goals.

People know when they watch Ian play that he is much more than a great athlete. He is extremely intelligent.

Ian looks at the whole picture and then acts on the situation. He would be the first to say he gets those smarts from his mother. Ian’s mother is a social worker, which requires much patience and constant analysis.

It is in analysis that Ian Johnson chose the Minnesota Vikings to potentially begin a NFL career. His decision for the Vikings was based on the fact that Minnesota does not have a “stable” of backs.

According to Johnson, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. Yet Minnesota is looking for a third back for screens, third downs, and passing plays.

If anyone knows him, that is exactly what he gave to Boise State Bronco football...and more. The Vikings have a third back in Albert Young who has no game experience.

Another thing he gives to his team is consistency. Ian is not a guy you can knock down who will go to the sideline to stay. He is a guy who knows how to play with pain—giving his all 100 percent of the time.

Sure, Ian probably would have liked to have gone to the New York Giants, New England Patriots, or Dallas. But he knew the odds of hooking up with those teams were too great. So when he was through weighing his options, his choice was simple—the Vikings were his team.

Johnson fans expect him to win the third back spot while also seeing a lot of time on special teams.

Another great quality is his desire to learn. Ian knows that Adrian Peterson is likely the best running back in the league (at least in the top five for sure). Ian calls Peterson "the Beast" and looks forward to learning from him.

Johnson's fans know that he and his wife will most likely stay in Minnesota, as he is a selfless individual and consistently true to his team. However, Boiseans look forward to Ian coming back to his Boise home when his NFL days are over.

When Minnesota signs Johnson, they will be getting a guy that is solely devoted to his team.

When players at Boise State would complain about getting jerked around by the BCS for not even being considered for a national championship game, Ian did not join in. He felt that the Broncos were compensated with a great bowl game in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Broncos beat Oklahoma 43-42 in that game.

Ian, no doubt, looks forward to being recognized for more than being the WAC’s touchdown king, beating Oklahoma, and proposing to his lady, Chrissy.

Ian for sure will be recognized. But that’s another story