Report: Kofi Kingston out for 4-8 Weeks

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 29, 2013


Before reading any further, please keep in mind that the WWE article referenced here eludes to the winner of a match that has not yet aired. So if you are not a fan of potential spoilers, now's the time to stop reading.

Big news on the Kofi Kingston front, as revealed that Kingston was injured during Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings.

The article states that he suffered the injury during a post-match attack from Ryback.

Immediately following Kofi Kingston’s explosive showdown against Ryback during the Tuesday night SmackDown taping, the “Human Wrecking Ball” unleashed a massive post-match attack on the high-flyer – putting his war torn victim through three separate tables.

According to WWE medical physician Doctor Michael Sampson, Kingston would walk out of Edmonton with a c-collar neck brace as a result of this incident, strictly as a safety precaution.

Sampson further diagnosed that Ryback’s attack actually accelerating Kingston’s already-existing elbow injury. As a result, the three-time Intercontinental Champion will undergo surgery this Thursday and is expected to be out-of-action for 4 to 8 weeks.

Overall, this injury has probably been a problem for a while and the WWE is using this attack as a way to write Kingston off of TV. Keep in mind, I do not wish injury on anyone. However, this couldn't have come a better time for the high-flyer. The fact is, Kingston has been barely keeping afloat in the WWE's midcard scene and desperately needs a break to freshen up his gimmick.

Yes, he did just come off of a U.S. title run, but can anyone honestly say that it was a great run? I know I can't, especially considering that he won the gold from a yodeling Antonio Cesaro. Don't get me wrong, Cesaro is solid, but his current gimmick leaves much to be desired.

Now that Kingston is out of the midcard picture, the WWE has a chance to elevate some of its younger stars and let them feud with current U.S. champ Dean Ambrose. To me, this move would be reminiscent of the late '90s, when fans caught a glimpse of the company's future. During that time frame, the IC title was a commodity and future main eventers The Rock and Triple H put on must-see matches that gave fans a glimpse of what the WWE title scene was headed toward.

Unfortunately, I feel that the only good that will come of this is a better push for Ryback. Personally, I would like to see the WWE utilize this as a stepping stone to make him seem like a legitimate threat to John Cena and the WWE title.

In the end, we will have to wait and see where the company is going with this and how it plans to fill Kingston's spot for the summer.