Roland Garros Weather: French Open 2013 Forecast and Updates

Ethan GrantAnalyst IMay 30, 2013

PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 30:  Court attendants pull over the covers as rain stops play during day five of the French Open at Roland Garros on May 30, 2013 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The weather has already dampened spirits of French Open faithful at the 2013 Grand Slam event, forcing matches to be cancelled on Tuesday and others to await the fate of Mother Nature the rest of the way. 

Tennis stars and Roland Garros officials also battled the elements on Thursday, when Day 5 of the tournament saw officials push more matches back. Keeping the clay playable and dry for future contests is the crew's No. 1 focus moving forward. 

Lucky for everyone involved in the 2013 French Open process, rain is expected to stay out of the forecast for the next few days of high-drama tennis action. 

Here's a look at the 10-day forecast (nine-day, if you exclude the overnight Thursday numbers) for Paris, France, confirming that assertion (via


High (F)

Low (F)
of Rain (%) 
Thursday, May 30 59 48 20 (overnight)
Friday, May 31 65 51 10
Saturday, June 1 69 48 10
Sunday, June 2 64 47 0
Monday, June 3 64 50 0
Tuesday, June 4 67 54 0
Wednesday, June 5  68 56 0
Thursday, June 6 72 57 0
Friday, June 7 70 58 10
Saturday, June 8 68 59 0

*Note: Weather forecasts subject to change. 

The Paris weather is always something to look out for this time of year, and the 2013 French Open is no different. With players coming to France from all over the world in what's mainly a summer month in other countries, the frigid temperatures and unpredictable storms in Paris are quite the sight for a curious mind. 

New York Times writer Christopher Clarey, for one, noted that 15 days might not be enough to complete the entire French Open slate when he was en route to Paris earlier in the month:

While all outdoor sports can be impacted by dangerous and limiting weather from time to time, playing tennis at Roland Garros in May can also be treacherous because of the playing surface. Katie Fehlinger of took a look at why officials have to be quick with the decision for the tarp to cover up the clay courts at Roland Garros back in 2010. 

Players are also aware of the weather, with practice sessions and sightseeing impacted by Mother Nature's wrath. Roger Federer was on the practice courts earlier in the week when he posted a picture on his personal Facebook page of hail on the practice courts at Roland Garros.

With the tournament halted twice over the last few days, we've also been granted some majestic shots by those more worried about the weather than the match draw. 

Roland Garros has been active on both Twitter and Instagram during these pauses, and has pictures of how the weather has forced fans to adapt to the chances in their seats and what the sky has looked like in the process. 

This one from the match site's Instagram account was posted on Thursday during the midst of showers that halted play:

Tuesday's Twitter post here shows a similar picture from a different angle:

Another Instagram photo begged the sun to poke it's head through the clouds and start drying the courts at the second Grand Slam tournament of the season:

All in all, the early weather has been a downer at the 2013 French Open, but dealing with the elements is just part of the process when you play in outdoor tennis tournaments like this Grand Slam. 

With the weather expected to cease fire over the next few days and the highly anticipated matchups on both the men's and women's sides of the draw still to come, things are looking clearer than ever for shiny skies and high-quality tennis. 

If you're heading to Roland Garros this week, though, you better check the forecast before leaving home without a poncho and an umbrella just in case of emergency. 


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