Report: Matt Hardy Posts Extremely Creative "Anti-Bullying" Promo

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 1, 2013


Well, folks, I can officially say that I have seen it all in pro wrestling.

On Friday, current Ring of Honor and former WWE/TNA superstar Matt Hardy took to Twitter to unveil his latest work.

Now, whether you like him or not, you can't deny the fact that Hardy has his finger on the pulse of what's relevant in the wrestling world. Overall, he is one of wrestling's social media innovators and truly knows how to get people talking—even when he's not.

Personally, I would like to see Hardy get one more run with either TNA or the WWE before he hangs up his tights. Granted, he hasn't always been the best on the mic, but his ring prowess has always made up for that.

Since his TNA departure, Hardy has done a solid job of rehabbing and rebuilding his career. Ultimately, this is not the same Matt Hardy who was released from TNA almost two years ago; in fact, this version seems to have a new lease on wrestling life and is ready for whatever is next.

In the end, this promo is one of his best and will hopefully lead to a solid buildup for his Ring of Honor run.