Is John Wall Angling for Washington Wizards to Draft Anthony Bennett?

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterJune 2, 2013

"I feel like we need a four man that can pick and pop, so we’ll just see.”

That's what John Wall told Eric Detweiler of the Washington Post when referring to the Wizards' No. 3 pick in the upcoming draft.

If you take a look at the prospects projected to go in that range, only UNLV's Anthony Bennett fits Wall's description.

Actually, he doesn't, but he's the closest thing to it when you consider the Wizards' other options.

Based on pure speculation, it's widely believed that If Nerlens Noel goes No. 1, the favorite to go No. 3 to Washington would be Georgetown's Otto Porter—a versatile small forward who occupies the wing.

Was Wall hinting that he prefers Bennett over Porter?

Like Wall, Bennett is an explosive athlete in the open floor. He's a guy who can bring the house down with a high-flying stuff.

There's no question Bennett would be a fit in Washington. He'd add a unique blend of versatility to one of the most one-dimensional frontcourts in all of basketball. Though serviceable, Nene Hilario, Emeka Okafor and Kevin Seraphin are all interior-oriented bigs who rarely face the rim or operate on the perimeter.

Bennett moves extremely well for a guy with his strength. He's a missile in the open floor, something you can't say about any of the previously mentioned forwards in the lineup. With Wall's ability to push the ball and Bennett's overall explosiveness, we could be looking at an electric duo a few years down the road.

Watch Bennett fly down the court. You won't find too many power forwards who can move with this type of speed and power:

The one thing Bennett offers that Otto Porter doesn't is upside. He's got the chance to become one of the tougher offensive mismatches in the league. If all goes to plan, big men will have trouble keeping up on the perimeter and wings won't have the strength to prevent him from earning position.

He also shot a respectable 37.5 percent from downtown. He's comfortable spotting up from three, making an average of one per game as a freshman. This plays to Wall's desire for a pick-and-pop option.

If Wall and the Wizards are trying to make the biggest possible splash, then Bennett should be their guy. As prospects, Bennett's ceiling is a few stories higher than Porter's, who is probably the safer yet less rewarding option.

Based on Wall's comment, it's possible he's angling for Washington to gamble.