TUF 18: 5 Reasons Miesha Tate Is the Perfect Replacement for Cat Zingano

Megan Applegate@crwdedtubContributor IJune 4, 2013

TUF 18: 5 Reasons Miesha Tate Is the Perfect Replacement for Cat Zingano

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    With Cat Zingano out of the coaching position opposite women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC announced Miesha Tate as Zingano's replacement.

    Despite being the No. 3 contender behind Zingano and No. 2 Sarah Kaufman, the decision-makers over at Zuffa may have just hit ratings gold. Read on for five reasons Tate is the perfect replacement.

5. Tate 2.0

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    Count me among the stunned when Tate was the aggressor against Zingano during their 13-minute Fight of the Night bout at the TUF 17 finale. Zingano was clearly used to being the aggressor and was caught off guard.

    Tate's never been a shrinking violet in her MMA career, but the opening minutes of the bout showed a re-stylized fighter (read: aggressive) that could make the Rousey-Tate rematch a lot more interesting.

    ,She's likely taking her chance to be "the first woman to fight Rousey twice" seriously, and it should make for a potential upset.

4. An Image Makeover

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    Between the alleged "elbow heard 'round the world" and the fact that she's been outspoken about Rousey in their mutual dislike for each other, a chance to show a different side to the team she's been tasked to lead and TUF viewers alike won't hurt.

    It's not that she's exactly up there with Chael Sonnen and his silver-tongued ability to hate on a champ and get himself another title shot, but Tate could take a few notes. Play the heel. Rile the fanbase. Come out smelling like roses after a successful coaching stint on your TUF season.

    It's a recipe for success if Sonnen and former UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz are any indication.

3. TUF Needs a Good Rivalry

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    Drama drives reality television. It's a given. And never in the history of The Ultimate Fighter has there been a coaching lineup with more potential for rivalry in the season that Rousey vs. Tate.

    The potential to drive the intensity in their fighters could make up for a recent season or two of lackluster coaching and lukewarm matches.

    Remember the good ol' days when Tito would get Frank Shamrock sputtering and spitting and beside himself? We can have them again if this Ronda Rousey/Miesha Tate powder keg delivers.

    Dana White would be happy, that's for sure. 

2. Unfinished Business with the Ref

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    In addition to the official protest of Kim Winslow's TKO stoppage in Tate's loss to Zingano, Tate has attempted to offer spectator photos of what she claims are illegal knees from Zingano. Both the protest and the alleged evidence have gone unheeded by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who basically called her outrage sour grapes.

    But that doesn't mean Tate's forgiven Winslow.

    According to an MMAJunkie.com report, Tate's already complaining about the possibility of Winslow reffing TUF 18 bouts.

    If the fireworks with Rousey aren't enough, maybe Tate will heckle the ref from outside the cage and really get the drama party started.

1. The Drama (Let's Just Talk About the Elephant in the Room)

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    Even the champ can't deny it—this is the fight fans of women's MMA want to see. They've bashed each other on Twitter, taunted one another at press conferences, smashed foreheads at weigh-ins last year and genuinely don't care for each other.

    Mix it all together and toss in the fact that they're both accomplished fighters and amazing athletes, and Round 2 of the Rousey/Tate war will most likely deliver big on theatrics and excitement, things every MMA fan wants to see.

    Sure, we love Sarah Kaufman and can't wait to see that rematch, too, but it doesn't promise the daily dose of high drama and high-level rivalry that a show likes The Ultimate Fighter needs.

    And let's just be honest here for a second: Who doesn't want to see if Ronda Rousey gets her chance to beat up Tate's boyfriend just a little bit?