Golfer Davis Love III Plays a Feature Role in Sports' Worst Fan Tattoo

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 3, 2013

Photo Credit: Deadspin
Photo Credit: Deadspin

Davis Love III never looked so horrible.

Deadspin had the pleasure of receiving an email from a fan who claims to have photographed a tattoo featuring the image of the 49-year-old golfer.

Here is the picture shared by a reader named Alex.

Alex goes on to state the following:

i know you guys appreciate art- so please enjoy this visual experience. 

Also- the DLIII "signature" was an add on so people would know who it is.

As Deadspin points out, the image is an attempt to recreate, as best we can tell, the charcoal drawing found over at Don Bono Gallery.

Here is what we like to think the tattoo artist was trying to go with when one unfortunate sports fan sat in his or her chair.

The best part of the world's worst sports tattoo—other than the lack of eyeballs or completely misshapen cheek bones—is that a signature had to be inserted after the fact because nobody knew who the heck this was. 

Now for the worst part in this story, which oddly, doesn't consist of this tattoo actually being made. We have no idea how this masterpiece came about.

I simply have to know who out there claims to be the biggest Love III fan in the world by rocking this unforgettable tat on his or her body. 

There is also a very good chance that this person isn't even a fan of golf at all, and this was a byproduct of one drunken night and one ill-advised wager. 

"And if you lose, you have to get a tattoo of some random golfer on your body."

Much like the tattoo version of Love III, we have given up on trying to figure this all out and have thrown our hands to the sky in utter bewilderment. 


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