Carolina Hurricanes Release New Uniforms: Pictures, Reactions & More

Mark JonesSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2013

Photo Courtesy of @NHLCanes
Photo Courtesy of @NHLCanes

The Carolina Hurricanes' highly-anticipated 'New Storm' uniforms have been unveiled to the public.

The team will be wearing the new home and road jerseys beginning in this fall's 2013-14 NHL season, keeping their existing black alternate kit in the rotation as well.

Gone are the hurricane-flag patterns around the waist, the extraneous trim and the lighthouse-like stripes along the sleeves.

Instead, a Red Wings-style sweater was unveiled for the home uniform, increasing the primary red color's dominance over the color scheme and removing much of the miscellaneous patterns along the sides and sleeves.

For the road kit, a new red shoulder yoke, which includes the name plates on the back, will be the primary highlight. An intricate black and red stripe pattern adorns the waist.

"The new uniforms are designed to be classic and timeless," said John Forslund, TV commentator, during the team's official unveiling Tuesday. "The Hurricanes will carry the new look for years to come."

Eric Staal, team captain and official jersey model, also had positive things to say. "It looks a lot cleaner [and] sharp," he told reporters. "They're very comfortable to wear."

“We are pleased with the results, and proud that our team was able to design the new look internally," GM Jim Rutherford released in a statement.

The jerseys drew a mixed reaction from fans.

Many took to Twitter to point out similarities to Team Canada's sweaters, which featured many of the same designs and fonts during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The road uniforms, by far the most changed aspect, impressed many.

However, others criticized the home kits' likeness to Detroit and Phoenix's existing outfits.

As revealed by the team's official social media after the ceremony, the size of the classic logo has been reduced slightly for better functionality.

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