Is SmackDown The "A" Show for WWE?

Rashonda RoseCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

After just viewing Friday Night Smackdown, I have two words for you: SmackDown Rules! 

I have been watching wrestling for over 20 years and I have always loved watching wrestling on Monday nights. I remember Primetime wrestling was my favorite wrestling show and when it ended, Monday Night Raw began. I loved the live show and edgier style. 

Then in 1999, Smackdown was born. Still, Monday Night Raw was the "A" show, the flagship show. I would occasionally watch Smackdown but never miss Monday Night Raw. It was where all the stars were. This year that has changed.

I am now tuning in to Smackdown consistently from now on. Especially if it's anything like what I witnessed this week. The show opens with "Mr. Raw is Jericho" introducing himself to the Smackdown crowd. 

Then, the Rated R Superstar Edge interrupts him and informs him that Smackdown is his show. Being a lover of villains/heels, I was especially happy to see two of my favorites in the ring.  

Then Morrison comes out and demonstrates his athletic ability by defeating Shelton Benjamin. I see alot of potential with Morrison.  He's very nice to look at and seems like a good guy. It seems as if a face turn is in the works for him. 

Hopefully, he keeps his charisma and doesn't lose his edge if he turns face.  He's in amazing shape and keeps integrating new moves into his matches. I think a championship is definitely in his future.

With one, cocky bad guy out of the way soon (Morrison), it appears Zolph Ziggler is stepping in to fill the void that Morrison leaves behind. He is another good wrestler with a great body.  His attitude is coming out more and more each week. 

He put on a pretty good match with MVP and has held his own against Cena on Raw. It's great to see young talent get main event matches on Smackdown.

Jeff Hardy and CM Punk also put on a good show. Hardy continues to get maximum support from the fans and even a heel-lover like me gets on the side of the "extreme enigma." I don't really "get" CM Punk, but he is another good guy/face that I enjoy watching. 

I end this article by saying that I don't want this to come across as bashing Raw because I will always love that show (especially Orton). They have great wrestlers on that show as well, but I love seeing young talent being showcased on Smackdown.  It was a pleasant change and I can't wait to see what direction they go in next week!