Team Hell No: Kane and Daniel Bryan's Implosion Is Drawing Near

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

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Team Hell No is on its last legs. The duo of Kane and Daniel Bryan lost the tag team titles to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of The Shield at Extreme Rules. Since then they haven’t been the same team, constantly losing to The Shield in tag matches.

Kane and Daniel Bryan’s implosion is drawing near.

The impending breakup is due to the resurfacing of Bryan’s temper in the WWE. His new attitude started during a vicious attack on Jack Swagger during and after the match. His reasoning: He wants to prove he isn’t the weak link of the team.

Since then, Bryan’s become a man possessed. His one-man assault on The Shield on SmackDown shocked and excited the WWE Universe. He topped that by turning in not one, but two stellar performances on this past Monday Night Raw.

Bryan lost in a six-man tag against The Shield with Kane and Randy Orton. Later on, he defeated Ryback by disqualification after being power bombed through a table.

What happened in between the two matches is most revealing of Team Hell No’s final days.

Orton tried hitting an RKO on Reigns but was shoved off into Bryan. That allowed Ambrose to hit his headlock driver and pick up the victory. Bryan argued with Orton after that, leaving Kane to become the peacekeeper.

Bryan was then confronted by Ryback and challenged to a match. Bryan accepted, which left Kane as the voice of reason.

In recent weeks, everyone has seen that Bryan is not the weak link. Actually, he never was. Between Kane and Daniel Bryan, determining the weak link is as difficult as explaining quantum physics!

It bodes doom when Kane, known for chaos and destruction, tries to reason with his hotheaded partner. The Big Red Monster will implode with Bryan, but it won’t be his fault.

Kane will eventually have enough and face Bryan at least once. When the implosion happens, it would become a case of the unstoppable force in Bryan meeting the immovable object in Kane. Boom!

The split of Team Hell No is drawing near. Expect fireworks to happen between these former tag team champions very, very soon.