Help Wanted: Superstar Needed for the Dallas Mavericks

Ross Bentley@@imrossbentleySenior Analyst IJune 8, 2013

Chris Paul would certainly fit the team's need for a superstar.
Chris Paul would certainly fit the team's need for a superstar.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks are now hiring!

The position desired: an NBA superstar who can join the franchise and turn the team around next season.

After just a 41-41 year in 2012-13, the Mavericks are on the prowl for a new face to market to the team's loyal fans.

That's not to say that the team is shying away from Dirk Nowitzki, but the franchise is looking for a new player to put alongside him and turn the Mavericks into serious threats in the challenging Western Conference.

That player could be you! If you meet some necessary criteria.


First and foremost the position must be filled by someone who is at the very least already an All-Star player in the NBA.

An NBA All-Star selection or an All-NBA selection from the past two years are highly suggested. This position can only be filled by a player who is already at the prime of their careers and can help turn the team around quickly.

After all, the Mavericks need someone who can be dominant right now. Arguably their three best players, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion and Vince Carter, are all well into their 30s and the team needs help as soon as it can get it.

In addition all applicants must be no more than 30 years of age themselves. The position requires a player who is willing to make Dallas their home for the better part of the next decade.

Players over 30 need not apply. The team is looking for a star who can not only make an impact now, but be the team's top gun for years to come. Even if applicants are still playing at an All-Star level now, if they are over 30 then their years in the league are winding down.   

This position must not be filled with a player who is just looking at the Mavericks as a stepping stone, but instead sees themselves one day being known as one of the great Mavs players of all time.

All interested applicants must also be willing to work under the current Dallas regime. 

From the front office players must respect the work of GM Donnie Nelson, and appreciate the colorful personality of owner Mark Cuban.

Those interested must be willing to work with and play under Rick Carlisle, one of only four active NBA coaches to have won an NBA championship.

On the court, this player must be willing to coexist with the current crop of Mavericks, specifically Dirk Nowitzki.

While the team is looking for a superstar, all applicants must be aware that Nowitzki is still Dallas' favorite son and he still has plenty to offer on the court as well.

Applicants must be dynamic scorers offensively, but also be willing and able to contribute on defense.

The Mavericks were the fourth-worst NBA team last season in opponents' points per game, so all players must be able to make just as big of an impact on defense as they do with the ball in their hands.

The player must also be void of a bad attitude and be open and willing to embracing the organization and the city of Dallas.

When building a team around a player for the future,  it's not all about their on-the-court talent. What also needs to be looked at is the player's ability to get his teammates and coaches to respect him on and off the court,  which can only be done through having a positive attitude.

There are lots of NBA players who are talented, but what sets players like Dirk Nowitzki apart is that they are so well-respected by all NBA players because of their work ethic, lack of an ego and willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

Finally, players must be willing to work with the organization from a financial standpoint. Dallas has considerable cap room to work with this offseason, but in order to be a winning team in 2013-14, it will require the acquisition of more than just one player.

While the team certainly is willing to pay, please take other factors into consideration if another NBA organization offers slightly more money to join their team.

If you believe you fit the qualifications listed, have your agent contact Donnie Nelson at the beginning of the NBA free-agency period and the team will review your résumé.