Daniel Bryan's Losing Streak and 5 Questions That Need to Be Answered on Raw

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 10, 2013


I have always been a fan of the cruiserweights. Lightning-quick performers who not only fly through the air and captivate us, but also mat-wrestle with the best of all time.

The Great Muta, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and dare I say it, Chris Benoit. You could make the case that Daniel Bryan is a little bit of all those wrestlers rolled into one.

Lately, Bryan's losing streak (in singles and tag team action) has become the focal point of Raw, Main Event and SmackDown. Bryan’s “brilliance” mixed with his constant “mental issues” have been the next best thing to The Shield’s dominance in and out of the ring. No, he is not the weakest link.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

On Friday night, it seemed Kane and Bryan finally ended their tag team marriage as Team Hell No, when Kane left the segment of Miz TV. Later in the evening before his march with Ryback, Kane still referred to Bryan as his "partner." Bryan’s tag match with Randy Orton against The Shield again resulted in a loss, and Orton showed his appreciation for the “team” effort with an RKO.

How Bryan progresses and what happens between not only Kane, but also Randy Orton will be something we will all watch. In addition, here are some of the other questions that need to be answered on Monday Night Raw.


Will We See the Best in the World?

When his music was blasted at the end of the Curtis Axel/Chris Jericho match, it looked (at least to the crowd on hand) that CM Punk had made a triumphant return to the WWE.

Damn you, Phillip Jack Brooks.

Wrong. First off, he would readily appear on Raw and not SmackDown. Second, That was Friday, and today is Monday. Big difference. Not only in days of the week, but in programming.

If Punk returns before the match (which I do believe may not happen), it will be tonight because it is the “go home” show ,and this match truly is the biggest of the Payback pay-per-view.


Will the “Showstealer” be Stopped by Alberto Del Rio?

Dolph Ziggler made his triumphant video promo last week on SmackDown after the ADR match, and said he was medically cleared to return to the ring. Yet according to F4WOnline (h/t wrestlinginc), Ziggler has not been medically cleared to return from the concussion he suffered.

There has not been a lot of buildup for this match. What happens this week? What happens because there really isn’t heat for this match? Most importantly, what happens with Ziggler, ADR and now Big E. Langston? There could still be a Triple Threat match out of this one, or even a Four-Man Tornado Match, should Jack Swagger be added to the mix. I pray he isn't added.

Stay tuned.


Who is Kaitlyn’s Admirer?

Right now, I really do not care. This is a segment that has lost steam, and the match between Kaitlyn and AJ needs to happen Sunday.

Right now, I am betting the secret admirer will be Khali, which will lead to a feud with Natalya, throwing the AJ angle all to hell. It is not unheard of for the WWE to forget about great programs, ones that start off with a flash and are squashed just as quickly.

It does, however, finally allow Natalya to become a more active wrestler.

Others who could be added to this angle are Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler and Josh Matthews.

Just had to throw Matthews into the mix to make sure you all were paying attention. It would be great if the admirer turned out to be Kharma, Kelly Kelly or even Beth Phoenix, but if that happened it would be the best slow play the WWE ever made.


Will Triple H and Stephanie See Eye to Eye?

She stopped her husband, along with her daddy, from getting in the ring last week. This week, he may finally have his say. And the WWE could be turned on its ear.

I like the idea of Axel’s feud with Triple H leading to a turf war with Vince and Stephanie. It adds a drama this company needs and makes Vince the villain again. How he aligns himself with Paul Heyman remains to be seen.

He will certainly take heat and make Triple H the fan favorite. But there could be a twist to all of this; what if Triple H became the “Heyman Guy”? What if all of this grumbling with his father-in-law led to Triple H jumping ship and siding with the man he so venomously hates? It’s just a thought for fodder. Triple H, Curtis Axel, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman: If you cannot beat them, join them.


How Quickly Are the Fans Getting Tired of Fandango’s Act?

Oh, you know how you want to chant the entrance song and wait for Summer Rae to come out from the back in her canary-yellow outfit. You know you just love seeing the Skittles outfit on Johnny Curtis and listening to The Miz make fun of him.

Actually, this is a better angle than Jericho and Fandango. The Miz and Wade Barrett are constantly battling with each other—throw the third party into the mix and this is a better match. I also think at some point, since people are getting tired of the act, it could lead to Fandango becoming a face. I also hope if Fandango does win the title this coming weekend, Wade Barrett jumps ship and works with Sheamus or maybe even Randy Orton.

This title match is a lot better than we give it credit for and will surprise people with its implications.