Bret Bielema's Wife Jen Is Using Instagram Properly, Provides Vegas Bikini Pic

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 10, 2013

Photo Credit: Jennicholeb Instgram (via Big Lead)
Photo Credit: Jennicholeb Instgram (via Big Lead)

We will go ahead and assume Instagram was invented for moments like this.

In fact, we might as well declare Jen Bielema's Instagram picture taken at the Wynn hotel is the very reason there are Las Vegas pool parties. 

Jason McIntyre of the Big Lead spotted the following Insty snapshot featuring the wife of new Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema—previously the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers. 

With the same kind of peripheral power of a Paulina Gretzky, Jen can expect to turn the heads of every last sports fan combing the Internet. 

Because we run a tidy ship around these parts, allow me to inform you that Las Vegas is sort of a theme for the Bielemas. 

A 2011 Fox Sports report by Thayer Evans detailed how the 43-year-old head coach met his future wife. 

Bret Bielema was playing blackjack at the Wynn Las Vegas three years ago in the early evening when he spotted a smiling blonde, brown-eyed woman wearing a teal tank top, blue jeans and black flip-flops.

He was so intrigued he got up from the table without his chips to walk over and introduce himself. He was in town for an annual University of Wisconsin athletics fundraising event but didn’t tell the woman, Jen, he was the Badgers' football coach.

Over the next few hours the coach would talk the best game of his life, later stating, "I got the best recruit ever. It was my best sales job ever to get her. I’m glad I waited."

Jen had never been to Las Vegas and was approached by this brave man who asked her to sit and play blackjack with him for a spell. 

A reported five hours later, Jen was $600 richer and walked off with the coach's number as well. A couple years later, the two would marry. 

In a 2012 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report by Bob Wolfley, Bielema offered a sentiment I think we can all agree on at the moment: "In football terms, I outkicked my coverage a hundred times over."

Well, we didn't want to have to say it, coach. 


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