Happy Couple Enjoy Sensational Seahawks-Themed Wedding

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 10, 2013

Photo Credit: Jane G. Photography (via Seahawks.com)
Photo Credit: Jane G. Photography (via Seahawks.com)

The Seattle Seahawks were well represented at a recent wedding shared by two fans who love their favorite team as much as they love one another. 

The Seahawks official blog has a full report on the chance inclusion of silver, blue and lime green in the marriage of Ryan and Janna Willmaser. 

It seems the couple were prepared to enjoy a normal wedding without the complement of NFL jerseys but took advantage of some very cool gifts for the groomsmen. 

The two were shopping for shirts for the guys to wear at the wedding and chose the iconic green as an undershirt. It only took Ryan—a member of the Seahawks “12th Army” and a season ticket holder since 2005—a moment to realize customized jerseys were the perfect gift for his buddies. 

Outside of the lime green shirts, Ryan said he wanted to outfit his groomsmen with something unique that would align with his and Janna’s Seahawks fanaticism. They wanted the gift to be something that they could use over and over again.

“Our first thought was customized Seahawks jerseys,” Ryan said.

So Ryan and Janna did just that. Each of the groomsmen received a personalized Seahawks jersey freshly embroidered with their favorite number and last name or nick name.

Sure, there is something rather memorable about a personalized flask or the normal gifts that are handed out at weddings across the nation. 

There is something all the more special about incorporating a specific passion like football into the mix—a theme the two even carried to the alter, because the Seahawks even made a cameo during the vows. 

Ryan recalls, "I asked her if she would vow to always love the Seahawks and she replied with the promise to always root for the Hawks. We got a good laugh out of everyone in attendance."

Janna, for her part, has embraced the Seattle football franchise with wide arms. According to Ryan, his new wife is now on her third year as a season-ticket holder, which is impressive seeing as how the couple have been together four-and-a-half years. 

The best part is that football will continue to be a very big part of the couple's life, because they are foregoing the honeymoon to hang out in what might be the coldest Super Bowl in recent memory. 

Ryan stated the following in regards to the couple's planned trip to New York City in 2014. "We heard that there is a big football game being played there around that time. And we fully expect the boys in blue to be representing the NFC."

Now all that is needed is a great season from the Seahawks and some very warm clothing. 


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