AJ Lee's Appeal to Both Male and Female Fans

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJune 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It hasn’t mattered whether she’s been face or heel—AJ Lee has become a favorite of male and female fans alike.

In a day and age where virtually none of the WWE’s Divas seem to interest anyone at all, Lee has been able to break away from the pack and develop a fan base that is both sizeable and passionate.

But just what is it about Lee that draws fans of both sexes to her like a moth to a flame?

It’s really not that difficult to see why men of all ages are drawn to Lee: She’s ridiculously attractive in her own unique way.

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of Divas that most men would classify as “hot,” including everyone from Kelly Kelly to Maryse to Maria to Candice Michelle. But Lee has stood out more than all of those Divas because, quite simply, those Divas all fit the cookie cutter Diva mold.

But AJ? She’s, well, different.

Lee isn’t “oh my god” attractive like a Torrie Wilson was. She’s just so damn cute that you want to pick her up, put her in your pocket and carry her around with you all day.

She’s adorable but sexy at the same time, boasting that “girl next door” charm that makes male wrestling fans almost instantly attracted her. Because she isn’t overly attractive in an obvious sort of way, the guys are really drawn to her without feeling fearful or anxious about it.

They think, “Oh, I might have a chance with her because she’s kind of tomboyish,” but at the same time, they’re thinking that she’s ridiculously cute.

Still, Lee seems somehow attainable whereas most Divas are so obviously attractive that we don’t feel like we’d ever have even a remote shot of being with someone who looks like that. Throw in what seems to be a great real-life personality for Lee, and to many male fans, she seems like the perfect woman—yet one who you might actually have a chance with.

That’s why guys love Lee, but women (well, most women) seem to love her for a different reason: She’s been successful despite her small stature.

Lee is tiny. She’s probably not much bigger than 5-feet tall and likely weighs barely 100 pounds, and she seems even smaller in the land of giants known as pro wrestling.

Yet, Lee’s size hasn’t held her back at all. In fact, she’s accomplished quite a bit over the last year and a half, evolving into, far and away, the WWE’s most popular Diva and becoming the most important female figure on WWE TV.

Pro wrestling has been, for the most part, dominated by large males throughout its history, but in 2012, here came little five-foot-nothing AJ Lee evolving into one of the most interesting characters in the WWE and stealing the show in several major storylines.

When female wrestling fans see that, it gives them a reason to want to see Lee. She’s a small woman succeeding in a big man’s world, and as a result, she attracts female fans who essentially want to live vicariously through her.

They want to see AJ continue to succeed, no matter if she’s a face or a heel. Just the idea of seeing someone who’s not all that different from themselves succeed on the grandest stage in pro wrestling is a thrilling prospect that continues to draw them to Lee.

She’s a perfect example of the old saying that “anything can happen” because if she can achieve all that she’s achieved in the WWE, then there’s no real reason why her fans can’t live out their dreams as well.

Lee is living a dream these days, and the women love it.

But the men? We just can’t resist a talented, attractive woman.


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