Is Ryan Braun Better Served with a DL Stint to Get Away from MLB PED Circus?

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIJune 10, 2013

The Biogenesis scandal has gotten crazy as of late and it's only going to get crazier for Ryan Braun.

With a daily barrage of questions surrounding the scandal, would it be better for the Milwaukee Brewers slugger to go on the disabled list to get away from the spotlight?

Before Milwaukee fans go crazy and start cussing up a storm, it could actually prove to benefit the Brewers.

For starters, the Brewers aren't going anywhere this season. With various injuries throughout the year to Corey Hart, Aramis Ramirez, among others, the Brewers have struggled.

Heading into Tuesday the Brewers are 26-37 and 15 games out in the NL Central.

Needless to say, playoffs are not in their future for 2013.

With the season all but lost, maybe Braun's thumb injury which he is currently day-to-day, is a blessing in disguise.

According to USA Today's Alejandro Zuniga Sacks, even with the soreness to his thumb, Braun has decided to play through it.

Known for his combination of speed and raw power, Braun's thumb has already forced him to miss games and see fewer plate appearances. He has tweaked his swing to reduce the strain on his right hand, but the flare of pain on Sunday could finally point to a stint on the DL.

Milwaukee fans wouldn't like to see that happen, especially ones who specifically go to Miller Park to watch Braun.

But thumb injury or not, every day Braun is in the clubhouse, the questions are going to come at him and his teammates.

How is the ongoing investigation affecting your play? Is it hard to concentrate with the investigation going on in the back of your mind? Did you cheat? What is your relationship with the clinic?

All of those questions (and more) are going to be continually asked of Braun.

Until MLB announces the suspensions (if there are any) and the appeals process is complete, the media circus is only going to grow.

Reporters have a job to do and even if Braun ignores those questions every day, they're still going to be asked.

The Brewers could have Braun come in each afternoon to work with the training staff during a DL stint and then send him home before the reporters are able to talk to players.

It benefits Braun because he can rest his thumb, which is said to have been nagging him for a few weeks, while also getting the media out of his hair.

This may not be what Brewers fans want to hear, but it may be the best thing for the team and for Braun.

Teammates won't be distracted by all of the talk of the scandal for a few weeks. And Braun can get himself back to full health for the rest of the season, depending on how long that will be for him.