Evans Vs. Machida UFC 98: Fight Prediction

Tony AContributor IMay 3, 2009

The time has come for two undefeated fighters to clash for the title. The stage is set, May 23 is the day when an undefeated record is crushed and a new champion is crowned.

They say that good things come to those who wait, finally Lyoto will have his chance to fight for the UFC light heavyweight title. Dana did everything possible to avoid giving a title shot to Machida, but the day of reckoning will soon be upon us, and we will see who will rule the 205 division.

The fight between Machida and Evans could be a fight of the year or a dance fest with both fighters waiting to counterstrike.


My prediction

I think Machida will control the pace of the fight as he has been doing in all his UFC fights. In a fight Evans always starts very cautiously, as seen in the Ortiz, Liddell and Griffin fights.  Rashad likes to measure his opponent than attack, as he demonstrated with Chuck and Griffin.

The problem being, Machida is no Chuck, Tito or Forrest. Lyoto is a very skilled technical fighter and very elusive and when he sense a weakness he will capitalize.

There is always a possibility that Machida will attack from the start, but I sincerely doubt it, why engage when he can wait for him. But if Lyoto attacks, the match will be over in the second round with knock out by Machida.

I think that Machida’s game plan will be to out point and out strike Evans and then finish him. I don’t think he will attack as he did against Thiago, because Rashad is a devastating striker.

Machida will win the first, second and third round, than Evans will be forced to engage if he wants to win the fight and we all know what will happen when fighters attack Machida, they get knocked down or knocked out.

The main issue is that Lyoto can impose his will against Evans, because Tito controlled the entire fight against Rashad, but Machida made Ortiz look like an amateur. Rashad isn’t known as a fighter who control fights, in his three last fights he was losing all three fight by points, many believe Ortiz won his fight against Evans.

Still I should point out that Evans is very dangerous, he has great speed and great striking power, as demonstrated against the Iceman. His wrestling is good although he hasn’t showcased that in his last fights, I think he will have difficulties to take Machida down.

As always, Jackson’s game plan will be a lethal weapon in Rashad’s arsenal.  So there is chance Evans can win the fight, because anything can happen, like when Serra knocked out St-Pierre. The only way for Rashad to win is via knockout.

In the end I think Machida’s fighting style and elusiveness will be too much for Evans.
The dragon will win the fight by knock out in the fourth round after dominating the three first rounds.