Big E Langston Will Be WWE's Next Great Powerhouse

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJune 11, 2013

Thanks to Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston has had a great chance to grow as a performer on the main roster. Photo Courtesy of
Thanks to Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston has had a great chance to grow as a performer on the main roster. Photo Courtesy of

The WWE has had its share of powerhouses. We've seen Big Show run rampant on Raw, Kane destroy all who oppose him, Brock Lesnar put people out of commission and Mark Henry do what he does. The latest monster to grace the WWE stage is none other than Dolph Ziggler's henchman, Big E Langston. 

The former national powerlifting champion has amazed the WWE Universe since working his way into developmental in 2009. He's got a ridiculous physique and amazing explosiveness between the ropes, which, when all put together, could very well add up to the WWE's next great powerhouse. 

It's no question that Langston has the sheer power required of a WWE powerhouse—just look at his moves. Langston lays his opponents out with monstrous clotheslines and thundering slams regularly, showcasing his insane strength. 

It's not all about picking up and putting down heavy stuff or being able to throw people around in the ring, though. Remember Mason Ryan and the rest of what seems like an almost infinite supply of failed WWE powerhouses? They all had the ability to throw people around the ring, some better than others, but they didn't have anything else going for them. 

Big E does. 

He can go in the ring. Now, that may seem obvious, but what else does it take to make a successful powerhouse? A guy needs to be solid on the mic, or at least have a mouthpiece (a la Brock and Heyman), and he has to be interesting. Check and check for Big E. 

As Dolph Ziggler's heavy, Big E doesn't get many opportunities to hop on the mic, but when he does, it's pretty clear that he knows what he's doing. He seems comfortable with the mic in his hand and while he's obviously no CM Punk or Chris Jericho, he's certainly better than most of the big men on the roster. 

As for interesting? Please. If you follow @BigELangston, you know that the monster has an extremely hilarious softer side. Here are just a few snippets of Big E's Twitter antics:



As seen in this classic Big E promo, Langston has a pretty solid grasp on his character, and, even better for Langston, who does he have to compete with?

Let's look at the state of the WWE's current big men. Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry are all solid, but they are getting up there in age and most likely won't be around too much longer. Tensai—er, Sweet T and Brodus Clay are comedy acts and neither could cut it as a monster. Antonio Cesaro and Roman Reigns have a chance to be huge, but they're young like Langston. The only other guy with a real shot at being the next big powerhouse is Ryback, and his act is already starting to get old to some members of the WWE Universe. 

The opportunity to be the WWE's next powerhouse is up for grabs, and Big E is coming up at the perfect time. He's starting to get a solid pop from the fans and is getting more and more of an opportunity on TV to show off his talents. 

It's just a matter of time until Langston forges out on his own and becomes the WWE's next powerhouse.