WWE Payback: Vince McMahon's Evil Genius and the Confusion Within the WWE

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 11, 2013


If you believe the relationship between Triple H and Vince McMahon was patched up in a “group hug” on Monday night, I have some prime real estate to sell you in the Everglades.

There was nothing sincere about the segment between the owner of the WWE and his son-in-law, the COO of the company. The only great thing about that segment was being able to hug Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, which about that time, I felt a little jealous.

Once again, Vince’s “evil genius” was ever present, proving how great he is at the infamous “screw job.”

There happens to be one coming Triple H’s way in the not too distant future. Remember, it was McMahon who told Stephanie earlier in the night that the thing that mattered most to him was the business of the WWE. And the back and forth game he and Triple H played with one another was just the tip of the iceberg regarding plans for the summer months of wrestling.

These are the days of their lives.

While the WWE did an about face and a 180-degree turn in the past two weeks, it is clear there will be hell to pay by someone or some faction at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. Matches at WWE Payback are being switched because of injuries and unknown mystery, leaving doubt they can deliver.

Fandango goes down with a concussion, leading to Curtis Axel becoming part of the Intercontinental Title three-way match with Wade Barrett and The Miz. Axel’s daddy, Mr. Perfect, was an Intercontinental Champion as well.

It would appear that Chris Jericho had his attention turned toward Dolph Ziggler Monday night, which could lead to a Jericho-Ziggler feud after Payback. And right now, we aren’t clear about CM Punk’s status for Sunday night. The fact he did not appear on Raw spoke volumes about nothing.

I still stand behind the idea the "Second City Saint" may not appear in his hometown for the pay-per-view.

We aren’t sure if Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan can coexist as a tag team, and Kane is moving to single’s competition to face Dean Ambrose. Does this mean The Shield drops its gold on pay-per-view after claiming it? No! No! No!

Does it mean the WWE still hasn’t figured out what to do with these three face superstars?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I wouldn’t say the WWE is in as much confusion as WCW ever was, but making wholesale changes at the apex of the beginning of a pay-per-view should be alarming.

The Kaitlyn angle with AJ Lee just reached a fever pitch and finally will be resolved in Chicago.

And all the while, we are still amazed at Vince’s “mastery” of the situation, which revealed a lot last night on Raw. The man still wants to be on top. No matter who is pulling the strings, who he walks over or who he hugs it out with in the end.

He had better hope this weekend is a success, or he will need more than a hug to get over a major fail.