Zeb Colter with Antonio Cesaro Is a Perfect Heel Pairing

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJune 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The best could be yet to come for Zeb Colter in WWE, if he pairs himself with Antonio Cesaro.

Things may have finally caught up with Jack Swagger. I liked him as a performer and the "We The People" gimmick. 

However, Colter was over and Swagger wasn't. Momentum was lost in the World Heavyweight Championship title picture due to Ziggler's injury, which caused Swagger to be left on an island of repeat with Alberto Del Rio. Beat your heart out Gilligan. 

Swagger has also been reported to have a hand injury that is going to require surgery. Let's also not forget he had a starring role in TMZ for a day back in March when arrested for DUI and marijuana. 

Whether WWE was truly satisfied with Swagger's performance, whether Swagger is legitimately injured or whether Swagger ever needed to be punished for his arrest―it seems he's lost whatever spot towards the front of the line he had. Unfortunate, but it's wrestling.

Cesaro is an intriguing option for Colter. He's as athletic, tough and powerful as Swagger was. Cesaro also has more flare and entertainment value than Swagger. Cesaro could hold his own walking side-by-side with Colter. Swagger played the role he was told to play but I think in the end, it became the Zeb Colter show. This pairing has the potential to be the Colter and Cesaro show.

Colter managing someone not American is perfect heel dynamics. Colter testifying his ideology and then Cesaro backing it up as he barks in another language, or Colter walking to the ring as Cesaro is dressed in European attire, with his theme music sung in a foreign language. Hypocrisy is a great heel dynamic.

He can talk about all the terrible people he thinks sneak in to the country or don't live the right way in America. He uses Cesaro as a great example of being the perfect immigrant and how he's so accomplished; he's risen above those who were born in the states. I'll let WWE's 16 writers figure out the specifics between A to Z with the pairing, but I like the potential. 

Cesaro is one of the most gifted performers the company has but needs more promotion via association. Colter is one of the most talented talkers in the company but needs a wrestler to represent. It's a match made in the right-wing.