Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao: The Greatest Boxer of All Time!

dragonslayerGHCorrespondent IMay 3, 2009

LAS VEGAS - MAY 02:  Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines celebrates with promoter Bob Arum after defeating Ricky Hatton of England in the second round of their junior welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 2, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Pacman: the greatest boxer of them all!

To date, no boxer in the world, past or present, has done this unthinkable and amazing feat in this merciless and brutal sports of boxing.

Six titles in six different divisions. Four latest fights in four different divisions! Amazing! Unthinkable!

Even I myself, a certified Pacman fan, way back in his struggling days, way back in his career when as a gangling kid, would take all comers just for a piece of bread in this merciless, heartless profession of boxing, I was stunned. I am short of superlatives! I am short of words! I am short of breath!

I was wrong to have thought that Hatton would play a smart game. Yes, I figured that it would be the same Hatton but wearing a different "collar" this time that will climb the ring this fateful May.

But going right in, mindless, exposing himself to the Pacman's broadsides, taking anything and everything the Pacman could deliver is not only unthinkable but utterly insane! 

There was no doubt in my mind that Paquiao would win this contest. Yes, I figured that because of the presence of Mayweather Sr. at Hatton's corner combined with the Hitman's natural toughness, the fight could drag to the later rounds, perhaps the 10th, 11th, or even the last round.

I was wrong but pleasantly shocked by the way the Pacman dispatched Hatton in merely 5 minutes and 59 seconds of brutal and savage combat.

I was right in seeing that Paquiao's right hook would play a vital role in this contest. I even wrote an article on that subject: "Hatton Should Watch out for Pacquiao's Wicked Right Hook!"

In the fight, three lightning right hooks softened the Hitman to that explosive right hook that crashed him to the canvas in the first round.

Hatton was wary of Pacquiao's left hand because he knew Paquiao's left could end the contest anytime. Further, Team Pacqiuao saw that Hatton takes an uncharacteristic pause after delivering a left during their film sessions prior to the fight.

They combined the information and hatched a simple and yet very effective plan: use Paquiao's newly developed right hand to take advantage of Hatton's over concentration on Paquiao's left.

The result was right on target! And yet, even after three successive right hooks by Paquiao connecting, Hatton did not make the necessary adjustment.

The result: another right hook, but this time more lethal than the first three delivered earlier, found its mark.

Hatton went down crushing! This was the end; the second round became merely an icing to a well conceived and executed plan. Paquiao's wicked right hook did the job for him. And this was nothing new; the right hook was there all along.

Team Pacquiao initially developed and used Paquiao's right hook during his last fight with Erick Morales and later honed and refined it some more in his battles with David Diaz and Oscar de la Hoya.

And this time against Ricky Hatton, the right hook was delivered to perfection in timing and power that the whole boxing world shudders in disbelief!  

Ricky Hatton went down: Timber!

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao: The Greatest Boxer of All Time!