What Should WWE Do with Kane Since Team Hell No Split Up?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 13, 2013


Allow me some indulgence with this one. Team Hell No proved to be one of the better tag teams of the past decade in the WWE.

Admittedly, it was a lot better than I thought it would be when Kane and Daniel Bryan made their first appearance together. I guess the WWE can sometimes pull a rabbit out of its hat and make the absurd look genius.

While it would appear Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will fight the good fight as a new tag team, only to have Orton turn heel in the end, it leaves Kane out in the cold, so to speak.

While he is facing Dean Ambrose at "Payback" this weekend, it still leaves the Big Red Monster without a dance partner once this pay-per-view is over. The idea of someone like Kane constantly fighting with the three faces of evil (The Shield) will get old in a hurry for all involved, not to mention the fans in the WWE.

What do you do with a 40-something wrestler who is still one of the best at what he does? Where does a new plot line take him, and more importantly, what happens to him once he loses on Sunday and Bryan and Orton possibly claim the tag team titles?


Give Him Another Shot at the World Title

Dolph Ziggler needs another opponent following Alberto Del Rio at Payback. Because they have little momentum going into the pay-per-view this weekend, I can see the two superstars battling again at Money in the Bank. But, if I had my way, Kane would get another shot at a title before he retires. Kane's ability is still great even at 46 years old.

Ziggler needs a challenge from a bigger opponent. While a confrontation with Big E. Langston is inevitable, it is still months away from truly developing.


Curtis Axel, Anyone? 

It appears that Axel has a penchant for beating the best of the best lately, as he has done with Triple H and John Cena. This weekend, he will claim the Intercontinental Title from Wade Barrett in a Triple Threat Match involving The Miz. 

Axel and Kane would be another stepping stone for Axel in his development as a WWE superstar.


The Shield Is Still Around 

This may never get old because Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins sell their matches so well and Kane is the consummate professional. Ambrose and Kane are evenly matched and Rollins is a great young talent.

If by some miracle of chance Kane wins the United States Title this weekend, he will be embattled with this trio through Money in the Bank. 


Ryback Rules 

While the match last week between Ryback and Daniel Bryan may have been one of the five best matches of the year in wrestling so far, Kane also gave "Satan" a great test. 

Based on size and strength, which is never even in this business, this is a solid matchup. Kane can further help Ryback develop as a heel because we all know he is not winning the WWE Title anytime soon.


Mark Henry

 When the "World's Strongest Man" returns to action, it would be great to see him challenge John Cena. Henry deserves a chance to claim the WWE Title, the program he was pushed aside for so Ryback could stand where he is now.

The WWE owes Henry another shot at the title, but having him and Kane go at it would be one for the ages.


CM Punk Insulted His Daddy

There is something about this idea that intrigues me. We all thought Kane was a bit over the top when he came back masked and beat the hell out of John Cena last year. Now, we think Kane might be a bit soft. Does Punk have the mental dexterity to bring Kane back to the dark side?

If there is anyone who can get under Kane's skin, it is Punk. And the Paul Bearer angle still works, too.


Randy Orton Just Turned Heel

Well, we think that is going to happen, but we have been waiting like expectant mothers.

If Orton turns on Bryan at Payback and the two feud, then this is off the table. If not, and he turns heel, then Kane fights to defend his partner. The two gave us a good feud before WrestleMania 28, so there is no reason why they cannot do it again.