Breaking Kaitlyn's Heart Means Big E. Langston Isn't Turning Anytime Soon

Drake OzSenior Writer IIJune 18, 2013

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The signs of a face turn for WWE Superstar Big E Langston have been there for a while.

It’s been clear at times that Langston, a loyal friend to both Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Lee, may have some feelings for Ziggler’s girlfriend. But he’s been put in the “friend zone” by Lee, a move meant to potentially make Langston a sympathetic character, a.k.a. a babyface.

There was also this rather awkward segment in which Langston watched on quite creepily as Lee and Ziggler engaged in a passionate kiss.

At times, it would appear as if this friendly big-brother, little-sister relationship between Langston and Lee would serve as the catalyst for Langston turning on Ziggler and turning babyface in the process. 

That’s a possible scenario that’s been speculated about essentially since Langston debuted on the main roster.

But a Langston face turn is also a scenario that isn’t going to happen anytime soon—not after the way that Langston broke Kaitlyn’s heart on last week’s episode of Raw. 

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen Kaitlyn involved in a “secret admirer” storyline. Someone—we didn’t know who—had been sending her flowers, gifts and texts, and on last week’s Raw, she finally found out who that secret admirer was. 

Only, the secret admirer didn’t exist at all. Rather, it turned out to be one big hoax.

With Kaitlyn waiting in the ring to finally meet her mystery man, Langston entered the arena, and laid out his feelings for the Divas champion. But mere seconds after he did that, he revealed that those feelings were far from the truth. 

Langston was only acting on behalf of Lee, who concocted the secret admirer storyline as a hoax on Kaitlyn, whom she felt betrayed by. Ultimately, this was a giant joke met to get revenge on Kaitlyn, and Langston was out there simply to do the dirty work for his good friend.

Initially, it looked like Langston’s feelings for Kaitlyn might actually be genuine—that he might actually like her. But now that we know they weren't, any chatter of a Langston face turn can be thrown out the window. 

If there were any chance of a Langston face turn coming to fruition anytime soon, then one of the following probably would have happened by now:

  1. Langston would have tried to make a move on Lee.
  2. Langston would have turned on Ziggler.
  3. Langston would have been revealed as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer...for real.
  4. Ziggler would have turned on Langston.

Any of these potential scenarios could have led to a Langston face turn, which he’d probably be able to pull off. Langston has worked as a face down in NXT, and if you follow him on Twitter, you know that he’s a quirky and funny guy who is probably a more natural fit as a face.

But with the way that he broke Kaitlyn’s heart on last week’s Raw, there’s no turning back now. Langston’s actions solidified him as a heel, and as the Lee/Kaitlyn feud progresses, there’s no real way to turn the clock back and make Langston seem like a good guy after he did such a rotten thing.

If there were any questions about Langston’s status as a heel, his poor treatment of Kaitlyn and his role in the hoax against her should answer any of those questions.

The WWE just missed the boat on a Langston face turn.

He’s a heel through and through, and he will be until the fans can forget that he just played a key role in an attempt to ruin Kaitlyn’s life.


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