Birdman Wins NBA Fashion Contest by Showing Up to Game 5 in Camo and Blue Jeans

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 17, 2013

There’s clothing, and then there’s fashion

Then there’s what Chris Andersen wore on Sunday night.

As usual, the focal point of attention stayed on the Big 3 prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The cameras followed the superstars as they arrived at the AT&T Center looking dapper, polished and dressed to impress (via TheBigLead).

Then Andersen showed up and blew it all to pieces, rocking a look that said, “Yes, I do enjoy pretzel dogs.”

The Birdman’s attire was a study in calculated nonchalance. His shirt didn’t match his headphones, a la LeBron James. He didn’t have a matching red lunch box for his Beats By Dre headphones. He also didn’t go Jehovah’s Witness chic like Chris Bosh.

From the camouflage shirt to the regular-fit blue jeans and basketball kicks, he looked like he showed up after an all-day hunting excursion in the boondocks outside San Antonio.  And for that, he wins all the candy corn.

Why does he win? Because Andersen beat the fashionistas at their own game by wearing stuff that says, “I don’t care about your fashion conventions. I’m doing me.”

Chris Andersen doesn’t need to be a part of your tightwad country club—not when he has a shirt that’s a tree and tattoos that turn as many heads as any Versace bomber jacket. 

Another noticeable Andersen note from Game 5 was that Birdman didn’t see a single second of playing time against the Spurs. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the choice of pregame attire might have been a bit of foreshadowing of his night to come. 

Did he know he wasn’t going to play much and therefore go with the “Screw it, I’m wearing a ficus” look? Or does Erik Spoelstra have something against men donning foliage prior to gearing up?

Either way, Birdman bagged a big win in fashion on Sunday, and it was the only W the Heat would enjoy that night.