Lolo Jones Made a Whopping $741 over 7 Months of Bobsledding

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 17, 2013

Olympic sport or not, pushing a bobsled down a hill is not a lucrative profession. At least, that is what we gleaned from Lolo Jones' recent Vine post. 

Now, I know many of you have had delusions of grandeur when it comes to the winter sport, thinking you would become the richest person alive if only you could make your respective bobsledding team. 


UPDATE: Tuesday, June 18, 1:35 p.m. ET

It seems the Vine post from Lolo Jones was not well received, at least not by Olympic gold medalist Steven Holcomb, via USA Today

It wasn't taken very well. People were really kind of insulted. You just made $741, more than most athletes in the sport. So what are you complaining about?

Holcomb went on to say the comments were a slap in the face of bobsledders. Jones, for her part, replied that she was simply trying to raise awareness to the plight of the sport.

The vine of the paycheck is just showing the difference between track and bobsled, and to be honest bobsledders work more hours than track! The bottom line is that all Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports and do not receive lucrative paychecks like athletes in mainstream professional sports. So hopefully this will make people appreciate just how hard Olympians work, often just for the love of the sport.

---End of update--- 


Jones' experience should have you thinking otherwise. The track and field star turned bobsled athlete posted the following Vine video that shows off the whopping $741.84 made from her winter endeavor. 

Of course, as with anything Jones does on social media, she posted it to generate laughs more than sympathy. 

As Business Insider notes, Jones may be showing off this paycheck, but she doesn't mention anything she makes from sponsors—one of which is the energy drink company Red Bull. 

Still, you have to feel for those bobsledders who devote so much time and may not have the marketing pull that Jones does.

Jones was a top contender in the 100m hurdles at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games, but failed to medal both times.  She became known just as much for revealing she's still a virgin as she ever did for her athletic accomplishments.

Back in March, the athlete sounded off on her current goal of making the Winter Olympics and capturing that elusive gold medal, albeit in a sport she is still very much new to, via USA Today:

If I won a freakin' medal -- if I won any medal -- I would not be a bobsledder. Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? No. No!


I'm so desperate. Desperate. It absolutely doesn't matter (whether she wins in the Winter or Summer Games.) And you know the hard question will be is if I get a medal for bobsled, and I get a medal finally for track, which would I love more?

Until she makes the final team, Jones will continue to work hard and fashion Vine videos that are among the best in sports. 

If you don't believe me, check out some of her best work, like the following stop-motion videos over at Business Insider:

In keeping with the theme, I will go ahead and assume Jones made no money creating these wonderful six-second glimpses into her life. 

If you kids out there want a fulfilling and adrenaline-inducing sport, take up bobsledding. However, you might want to look into a part-time job doing something else. 


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