Curtis Axel Sets Intercontinental Title Milestone with Win at Payback

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2013

Father's Day is a special day to many. Especially for those who have labored hard to raise a child, through sleepless nights, constant fussing and diaper-changing. Even with those things included, it is a beautiful experience.

It does a dad proud to see his child succeed in life.

We all know about the legendary WWE career of "Mr. Perfect," Curt Hennig. From the vignettes of bowling perfect scores, catching his own Hail Mary pass and making a backwards basketball shot, to aligning himself with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Hennig was a success story from, virtually, the very beginning.

Two years after being involved in some high-caliber feuds, namely with Hulk Hogan, Hennig defeated Tito Santana in the tournament finals to win the Intercontinental title. His two terms as champion, spanning from 1990 to 1991, amount to one of the best reigns in the title's history.

Hennig set an incredibly promising platform for his son to fill, and finally, we are beginning to see it fulfilled. This past Sunday at Payback, Curtis Axel defeated Wade Barrett and The Miz to win his first Intercontinental title. With this win, he set a milestone that has never been accomplished in the history of the championship.

Curt Hennig and Curtis Axel are the first, and only, father and son to both win the Intercontinental title.

Even with the WWE legacies of the Windhams, Maivias, Rhodes, Ortons, DiBiases and now the Rotundas, no other family in this company have ever achieved that feat. This is something that Curtis Axel should feel humbly thankful for.

Sadly, Curt Hennig was not around to see his son officially grab the torch or even see him wrestle, since Axel started four years after his death. However, he is hopefully watching from a better place, as his son made pedigree history at WWE Payback.

Whether you like him or not, that moment was special and an amazing Father's Day memory.

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