Iron Sheik Want Fans to Help 'The Iranian Legend' Make Movie About Life in WWE

Iron SheikSpecial Guest ColumnistJune 18, 2013

The following is by the Iron Sheik, as told to Bleacher Report. Several terms have been changed to make the interview suitable for posting.



We start to make a movie, documentary, about my life. How I bodyguard of Shah, how I was gold medal wrestling champion, how I was #1 WWE champion, how I was the real shooter and not like that dog ---- Hulk Hogan. But now we need the help of the fans. So if you have the heart, if you have the -----, please help support my documentary on the indiegogogo and to make the REAL film for the REAL fans about the REAL legend.

God bless!

 -The Iron Sheik


The Project

Sheikie Baby very excited today.

(Not because of Miss Utah. Miss Utah, you are worse than the Amanda Bynes. You deserve to get put in Camel Clutch, make you humble. You insult the legend.)

(Not because of Kanye and Kim Kardashian baby. For the Happy Father's Day, the Kim K buy the Kanye cheeseburger and still she eat it.)

Kanye West I love you I love your music bubba but your wife look like penguin eat more big mac than king kong bundy

— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) June 12, 2013

No, Sheikie have big world news, because now you get sneak peak of movie my agents want to make about life of Sheikie. So sit down, take sip of the beer and watch preview.

(Of course, the beer make the movie best. I drink the Becks beer or the Budweiser, I be happy. Sometime, the Heineken.)

Why documentary about Iron Sheik? Lotta people, they ask me about my story. They ask me how the legend come from oldest country in the world, the Iran, to come to the America to become the legend. My agents Magen Boys, they help me make the movie, and they help me make my dream come true so that forever the people in the world know who is the Iranian legend and Iron Sheik. I show the people that I am the real champion and forever I be the legend.

They also make film because I need the surgery big time because knee bad, ankle bad. I always in pain and I hope I get the support from the fans so that they help Iron Sheik stay legend and on top forever.

The Plot

I leave the Iran because bad things happening there when I was greatest Greco-Roman wrestler in the world. I come to the America to live America dream like the Dusty Rhodes. I come to America and I become most famous Iranian in the world.

But I also most hated man on the television because the Ayatollah Khomeini come. And many in America angry with the Iran.

So Sheikie make the world news, and later Sheikie become world champion.

Rest they show how I go up, down, up, down in my life…and how I live through many good thing but many, many bad. Magen Boys, they help me back to become champion forever.

Hardest part of movie is I do lot of talking about my daughter. She get killed in 2003, and I never forget and it break my heart. I have to talk about it. Make me sad forever.


The Star Power

Lotta people, Bubba, respect the legend in the movie: Roddy Piper, the Bruno Sammartino, Nasty Boys, the intelligent manager Jimmy Hart, my partner the Nikolai Volkoff, Bret Hart, Rikishi, Jimmy Snuka and many more, Bubba.

I love all my brothers in the business. They all want to help the legend because they know I am the real champion.


Why You Should Support ‘Iranian Legend’

All fans should see how I become the legend. If you love me, if you respect me, if you support me…you support me to become healthy again so that people forever see Sheikie is the legend.

And who know?

I never close the door on my company. WWE always there for the legend, and I love my boss the Mr. Vince Kennedy McMahon forever. He always show me that I am part of WWE family.

They call me, I love to come work for them if I am healthy. Anytime.

Thank you, and God bless you.


The $100,000 this project is trying to raise will help the Iron Sheik's team cover some of the costs of production and post-production. A portion of the funds will also go towards his much needed ankle and double knee surgery. 

Don't be a jabroni. Check out the indiegogo site, and contribute to the Sheik's cause.