WWE News: Daniel Bryan Potentially Injured During Raw

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 17, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

On Monday night, fans witnessed Daniel Bryan duke it out against Randy Orton in a No DQ match.

All seemed to be going to plan until Bryan charged at Orton and "The Viper" countered by slamming Bryan into the barricade head first. As the match continued, it was evident that Bryan was not fully utilizing his left arm.

After that spot, Michael Cole and crew played up the fact that the referee had called out a WWE doctor to check on Bryan's status. After the staff physician arrived, he attempted to call the match several times to no avail. Eventually, Bryan was tossed out of the ring and succumbed to the doctor’s call to stop the match.

Once the match was called, Bryan appeared to be annoyed but was no way acting in his usual TV character. Instead, he appeared a bit stunned by the situation and walked off stage with no dramatics. Overall, the injury seems legit; however, this could also play into the "weak link" angle the WWE has been playing up for a few weeks now.

As of this article, the WWE is still saying that Bryan has suffered some form of injury, as Michael Cole revealed during Raw that Bryan was still being evaluated and may have suffered some sort of nerve damage.

Unfortunately, the company can't afford to have another wrestler, let alone main eventer, shelved. The fact is the WWE has lost roughly eight wrestlers to injury since WrestleMania. Three of those injuries were confirmed concussions, two of which happened within a week of each other.

In the end, if Bryan is injured, we can only hope that it's not too serious and that he has a speedy recovery. Let's face it; he is currently the hottest star the company has right now and appears to be skyrocketing toward John Cena and the WWE title. Sadly, as we all know, if he misses any time at this point, it could kill any momentum that he has.