Mark Henry Turns in the Performance of the Year on Raw

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2013

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In between Christian's lackluster return and the nauseating McMahon family drama, Mark Henry turned in a phenomenal performance on Raw. 

It will be hard for any wrestler in any organization to put on a more believable and emotional performance than what Henry did. If there was an Emmy for acting in an episode of professional wrestling, Mark Henry just won it.  

The setup started the night before when he was teasing retirement on Twitter. It was cryptic, but not many were buying it.

The announcement was just too out of nowhere, and he looked fine in his recent matches with Sheamus. Still, the injuries have been piling up on his body, and in the back of fans' minds, maybe they left open the possibility that this really was the end.

Just a few lines into his promo on Raw, Henry successfully and fully pulled the wool over the eyes of the fans in the arena.

He got emotional. At times he was having trouble speaking. His eyes began to water.

Stephanie McMahon should take note, because that is how you fake crying. 

What made Henry's performance so brilliant was just how real it felt. He brought up his family and he played to the crowd, even calling one fan an idiot for chanting Mae Young. It was exactly what someone would do if they were in that position for real.

Everything he did looked genuine.

The little things were also well thought out and executed: the way he refused to hold onto the title from Cena, giving it back and saying that it had to be earned, the bloodshot eyes and the self-deprecating joke about his jacket. 

Absolutely brilliant.

Even Cena needs to be commended for his acting, and for keeping his facial expressions in check. This is the start of a promising feud, and hopefully they keep the same amount of intensity going forward.

When Henry really does decide to hang it up, it's going to be hard to believe it, as the emotions drawn from this segment will be hard to match, even if they are real.

What made the night all the better was that this really wasn't the end of Henry. As he stated, he's still got a lot left in the tank. Let's hope he has a few years left in him, as very few professional wrestlers have ever turned in a performance like he did on Raw.