RVD Is the Face WWE Needs but Shouldn't Face CM Punk, Cena or Veterans

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJune 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

WWE's roster has a lot of talent but few established stars.

The return of Rob Van Dam will be a temporary fix to that.

RVD is a star. A lot of people have bought tickets to bingo halls or arenas just to say his name while pointing their thumbs to their shoulders. His gimmick is over, and his style in the ring is entertaining. He's the equivalent of a pending free agent who is traded to a team fighting for the playoffs. He's rented property.

He's a rental because he can be. He doesn't need the money. He's a rental because WWE has to create new stars and let new guys in the big matches. RVD can make someone seem important, but WWE has to allow them to stay important.

He's a rental because there is a company wellness policy, unless there's a loophole for part-time talent. If so, I wonder if The Rock should keep banging and clanging part-time?

RVD also provides precipitation to a drought of good babyfaces in WWE. It's always easier to start out as a heel to get established and over with the audience. WWE has a lot of young guys in this situation during this transitional period. They have few solid babyfaces to challenge the heels.

Most guys can always be heels whenever needed. RVD is one of the few in wrestling who can never be a heel anymore. That's not easy to do. That's also a big accomplishment.

He looks cool. He sounds cool. He does cool things in the ring. He's incapable of being hated by the audience. It's exactly what WWE needs right now.

What's more important, a “big-money” match presently against a veteran like Chris Jericho, or a match that can turn someone into “long-term money” like Antonio Cesaro, Titus O'Neil or Damien Sandow? Hopefully, the answer is obvious to WWE.

The thought of RVD going up against any of those three is exciting to me. Cesaro being paired with Zeb Colter could tell a great story in and out of the ring with RVD. The potential is there for Colter and Cesaro to preach about what America should be and what guys like RVD have let it become.

O'Neil has all of the gifts physically and verbally. He needs to get out of the tag team with Darren Young.

Sandow being the savior of the unwashed masses and trying to understand the appeal of the yin-yang-wearing drifter has entertainment written all over it.

Get some rubs out of RVD. Save any big matches like CM Punk, John Cena or Daniel Bryan for novelties later on. Those matches will always be there in the future if both RVD and WWE want to keep working together in a part-time capacity. Punk, Cena and Bryan are already stars. Instead, have RVD immediately show the fans who one of the stars on the rise is by working with a guy who isn't fully established.

I wish WWE would have pulled a Dixie Carter and touted a big announcement for days. The announcement would have been delivered and would have been someone who, at the time of the announcement on Sunday night, was still on TNA's roster page.