WWE: A Full Vince McMahon Heel Turn Is Just What the WWE Needs

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIJune 18, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

There is no denying that the WWE has gone through a tough time recently. The product and creative angles have fallen flat more times than they have landed.

However, there is also no denying that the company is currently on its way back up. There is a nice mix of veteran superstars and young talent making an impact, and its recent creative ideas are working.

One angle that is currently going on is the difference of opinion and balance of power among the McMahon family (Triple H included). 

Triple H's desire to compete after suffering a concussion has caused his wife, Stephanie McMahon, and his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, to be concerned for his health and take action. 

We have seen the family butt heads and disagree on almost everything lately.

This storyline has also shown a shade of Mr. McMahon that we haven't seen in a while. He has started to have some heel-like tendencies.

On the most recent Raw, McMahon was seen praising The Shield and Mark Henry to Vickie Guerrero, which contradicted his son-in-law's comments to Raw's general manager earlier.

This could and should be the start of a full-blown Vince McMahon heel turn.

Whether it was during the Attitude Era or in his feuds with DX or Donald Trump, McMahon as a heel is so much more intriguing.

He is one of the greatest heels of all time and has a strong ability to get the WWE Universe to despise him.

Having McMahon as a heel opens up so many different doors for the creative team. Imagine the interaction between a heel Mr. McMahon and Paul Heyman.

The feud between the people running the company could also lead to many things, one being a battle for full control of the company, which might also lead to Shane McMahon getting back in the mix.

If McMahon is going to continue to get attention and be involved in storylines, it would be best for the WWE and WWE Universe if he does so as a heel. It is time for the power-hungry, manipulative and greedy Mr. McMahon to come back.