WWE WTF: Eric Young, Tim Tebow, WWE Stars Doing DDP Yoga and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2013

WTF is Tebowmania doing in the WWE?  Why are 40 WWE superstars doing yoga?  And how did rapper Gunplay become a lifetime WWE champion? 

 The drive by media never misses an opportunity to crash and burn, and that’s where we come in to pick up the pieces. 

 WWE WTF offers up unique takes on some of the more bizarre WWE stories, with a little TNA sprinkled in.  After all, what’s a bizarre batch of pro wrestling stories without Dixie’s crew? 

 Reigning Knockouts TNA tag team champion Eric Young is on a world tour as he will star in Animal Planet’s Off The Hook.  The nice gig couldn’t hurt TNA and its always-glaring publicity problem. 

 Jim Ross feels Tim Tebow can be a WWE main-eventer, or at least a short-term pay-per-view draw.  Such praise raises questions of Ross’ true intentions of working with The NFLPA, especially amongst conspiracy theorists. 

 All this and Stone Cold Steve Austin at the click of a mouse! 

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