Does SEC Hold Edge in 4-Star Trent Harris' Newly Released Top 6 Schools?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJune 19, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

There's simply no way around the fact that the SEC is the best conference in college football right now, but that does not mean that the SEC has an advantage in every recruiting race.

In the case of 4-star weak-side defensive end Trent Harris, the SEC is prominent on his newly minted top-six list, but don't just assume that the SEC has the edge.

Derek Tyson of (subscription required) reports on Harris' top six:

The 6-foot-2, 227-pound athlete said Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State and Vanderbilt are his final six schools.

Harris said he chose those six schools because they all have what he is looking for in academics and athletics. 

"Those schools are standing out because from the ones I have been to they have great football environments," he said, "and they are all like families and care about the players and have good coaches and produce players to the league." 

Harris also explains what he's looking for in a school, per Tyson:

"I'm looking for a school that is going to push me and get me where I need to be," Harris said. "A school where I feel most comfortable and get a good education. 

While the SEC will get you where you want to be as a football player, so will Florida State and especially Ohio State.

Urban Meyer has the Buckeyes poised to make a national championship run, and he has the track record that proves he can win the big game. Harris is from Winter Park, Fla., and Meyer is still one of the bigger names associated with football in that state.

Last cycle, Ohio State signed 4-star strong-side defensive end Joey Bosa and 4-star receiver James Clark, both from Florida, so it's not as if the state is out of Meyer's range as a recruiter.

Finally, check out this bit of information from Tyson's report:

Harris was set to announce his decision in the spring, but an Ohio State offer forced him to rethink his decision date. Instead, Harris now says he will make his final decision in early July. 

Ohio State's offer drastically changed Harris' recruitment, and there's no reason to believe OSU won't be a major player as his decision date draws near.

The SEC may be king, but if there's a program that can dethrone the mighty recruiting power—at least in this instance—it would be Ohio State.

Florida State has also been a recruiting power as of late, especially now that Jeremy Pruitt is recruiting for the 'Noles. FSU has landed some marquee recruits because of him, so don't count the Seminoles out either. 

It's hard to deny the power and draw the SEC logo has with elite recruits, but at this point, saying the SEC has an edge in this race would be wrong.

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