Dolph Ziggler's Face Turn Should Spell the End of His Entourage

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IJune 19, 2013

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Dolph Ziggler may have made the turn from heel to babyface, but do not expect his entourage to join him in hearing the cheers.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available by subscription only), Dave Meltzer reports that the double switch pulled off by Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio at last weekend’s Payback might affect how WWE books Big E Langston, Ziggler’s self-proclaimed “heavy.” While then-World champ Ziggler recovered from a concussion, Del Rio and Langston faced off five times on television, with Langston winning twice. That could have put Langston in a position to turn face and possibly go after Ziggler’s title.

But that was before Ziggler and Del Rio changed roles and Del Rio recaptured the World Heavyweight Championship:

The idea is Ziggler is a face, but Big E Langston and A.J. Lee are staying heel. How this plays out is interesting, because all the TV build had been how Langston had wins over Del Rio, and how it was inevitable Langston would want to get a title shot at Ziggler.

The Ziggler turn should be the catalyst for Lee and Langston to finally strike out on their own.

Lee currently is the WWE Divas Champion, which, with the sad state of the women’s division these days, is akin to being the president of a company that makes motorcycle doors. But the diminutive Diva is such a conniving and polarizing character with her crazy antics and fly-off-the-handle temper, so putting the title on her may just be the long-awaited shot in the arm the division needs to survive.

Aside from Vickie Guerrero, Lee is the only woman in WWE who can draw major heat from the crowd. She needs to stay on the heel side of the fence if for no other reason than to keep fans watching and maybe getting more interested.

Unlike Lee, who already achieved stardom before her current role, Langston could dip into the upper portion of the midcard talent level, But that would not be a bad thing. The midcard needs a strong (no pun intended) heel to help maintain it, and Langston is the perfect candidate for that job.

He is a no-nonsense heel character who says little but works large. He probably could stand some tweaking in terms of his move set, maybe even adding a second finisher because the Big Ending he relies upon now is not selling like it used to.

With a few more matches against opponents not named Alberto Del Rio, Langston easily could move into the uppercard in no time at all.

Maybe then he will get his shot at the World title…and Dolph Ziggler.


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