New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson Fires Back at Costas and Cougars on Twitter

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 20, 2013

Image via NYDailyNews
Image via NYDailyNews

The world was ending, the cities of man were doomed to fall into the sea and it was all the New York Mets' fault, according to Bob Costas. 

The NBC announcer ragged on the Mets from atop his crystal tower Sunday while hosting a telecast for the U.S. Open—something which didn’t sit too well with Mets GM Sandy Alderson. 

Alderson may be old, but he knows how to cork off a solid tweet, and on Wednesday, he took to Twitter to defend his franchise’s honor. The 65-year-old general manager started out by calling out Costas and other detractors of the organization, which was spotted by Ted Berg of USA Today

That’s multiple burns in one tweet, but we’ll start with the remarks aimed at Costas.

The comments made by Costas that Alderson is addressing involved the sportscaster’s scathing assessment of the Mets on Sunday, where he referred to the struggling franchise’s joyous reaction to a walk-off home run as “another indication of the decline of Western civilization.”

Yes, Costas didn’t think the Mets possessed a high enough win percentage to enjoy a Triple-A ballplayer winning a game in his first major league appearance. Alderson clearly doesn’t agree with the Bobber. 

But what about the “Cougar Club?" Who are these cougars Alderson is referring to and what have they done to the Mets?

The cougars have done plenty to the Mets, and Alderson’s reference is likely in regard to the organization’s rocky relationship with the online dating website 

No need to dive into that entire hornets nest, but Alderson is probably thinking to say the cougars enjoyed watching the beer shower 23-year-old Zack Wheeler was served after throwing six shutout innings against the Braves on Tuesday. 

It was a classy beer shower, using only the finest Budweiser in deference to the emperor, according to Alderson.

That’s how you write a tweet, everyone. Cold. Hard. Sarcasm. And cougars, don’t forget about the cougars.