B/R Turns Into WWE (Chapter 15: ECW)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMay 5, 2009

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(Commentator 1) Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ECW.
We have an action-packed evening for you all this week.

(Commentator 2) Yes, we do, and I have it on good authority that Hector De Jesus is in full health and we will be in action tonight.

(Commentator 1) I can’t wait for our main event tonight. We will see Rashad August and Daniel Sumrall in a submission match for the Hardcore championship, as well as some qualifier matches for Judgment Day.

(Announcer) This next match is scheduled for one fall
Introducing Hector De Jesus, and his opponent Ross Rutherford.

Hector enters the ring to huge pop.

Wolfmother "Joker and the Thief" sounds as Ross Rutherford makes his way to the ring.

(Bell ring)

Hector wasting no time attacks Ross with a barrage of punches and kicks, he goes for a headlock but Ross pushes him into the ropes.

Ross rushing at Hector But Hector manages to elevate Ross over the top onto the apron.

Ross trying to get back into the ring, but Hector delivers a mighty jaw breaker which lands Ross on the floor.

Hector measures Ross up, goes to the top rope and delivers a moonsault which connects with Ross.

Both men out of the ring the referee starts to count 1…

Both men to their feet now 2… Ross unleashes a barrage of punches onto Hector then throws him into the apron 3….He lines him up and delivers a mighty kick to the side of his face 4… Ross then rolls back into the ring on the count of 5.

Hector struggles as he rolls back into the ring to the count of 6.

Ross not wasting anytime unloads some kicks to Hector's midsection he then throws hector into the turnbuckle with a massive Irish whip and delivers a knee to his face.

The referee breaks it up.

Hector now gaining momentum from the ropes as is Ross both men launch at each other with a giant double clothesline.

Hector recovers first and goes for the pin 1…2… Ross kicks out.

Both men lock and Hector wastes no time in applying a headlock.

Ross getting out of it again and attempts another Irish whip, Hector reverses it and Ross goes flying into the corner, Hector not wasting any time follows with a spear Ross moves out of the way and Hector meets the cold steel face first.

Ross quickly tries to roll Hector up but he kicks out and is on his feet quickly.

Ross delivers a power slam then climbs to the top rope and delivers a magnificent Spiral Tap. He goes for the cover 1…2…3.

It’s over.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner, Ross Rutherford.

"Joker and the Thief" sounds as Ross leaves the ring to the sound of boos from the crowd.

(Commentator 1) Wow what a debut by Ross on ECW

(Commercial break)

(Commentator 2) And were back that was one hell of a match Ross certainly made his presence known.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Hector lately this is the second match he has lost in a row.

Coming up next is the fatal 4 way for contender for the ECW Championship at Judgment Day.

(Announcer) This next match is a fatal four way elimination contenders match for the ECW Championship and is scheduled for one fall.

This match is a no disqualification, every man for himself.

Introducing former ECW Champion Bryn Swartz, Joseph Daniel, Lucas Berndt and Michael Scanion.

(Bell Ring)

All four men are at each other straight away Michel unloads punches and kicks onto Lucas as Bryn wastes no time and delivers punches to Joseph.

Michael slams Lucas into the turnbuckle face first and delivers a mighty back slam.

Joseph now delivering kicks to the back of Bryn’s knee then delivers a low spear.

Bryn hits the mat face first Joseph wastes no time and locks in a choke hold.

Bryn manages to get to ropes and the hold is broken.

Michael now is trying to roll Lucas up, but Lucas kicks out.

Both men back on their feet. Michael rushes at Lucas, but Lucas is too fast. He elevates him over the ropes and Michael hits the floor back first.

Lucas turns around and walks straight into a massive clothesline by Joseph.

Joseph goes for the pin 1…2.. Bryn breaks it up with a choke hold of his own on Joseph he locks it in.

Lucas now sees Michael on the apron making his way back into the ring Lucas runs for the ropes and delivers a springboard kick that connects with Michael's temple Michael is down again as he hits the unforgiving floor .

Joseph is fading fast under the chokehold with the last of his strength he taps out, then rolls out of the ring.

Bryn and Lucas now face to face.

Bryn whips Lucas into the turnbuckle and delivers a barrage of kicks and forearm hits the referee breaks it up as Lucas slides down in the corner.

Bryn sees Michael trying to get into the ring he rushes at him and tries to deliver a shoulder barge but Michael moves ducks and Bryn goes face first into the cold unforgiving steel pole.

Bryn slides down the anguish written on his face.

Michael now delivering a few low kicks and sees Lucas from the corner of his eye he side steps and delivers a power slam then rolls Lucas up for the pin 1…2…3

It’s down to Michael and Bryn both men circle each other and they lock.

Michael not wasting anytime throws Bryn into the ring he and follows its up with a mighty power slam and a quick pin 1… shoulder up.

Michael now with a set of two suplexes once you can see the pain on Bryn’s face the pain in his back is excruciating.

Bryn gets to his feet slowly.

Michael sizes Bryn up and delivers a viper quick spear followed by a deadly DDT.

He goes for the pin, 1…2…3.

It’s over.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner and number one contender for the ECW Championship match Michael Scanion.

(Commercial break)

(Commentator 1) And were back, what a match, looks like Scanion is going to face Arnoldine at Judgment Day for the ECW Championship.

Those four superstars gave it all they had.

(Commentator 2) They sure did and we still have the submission match to go.

(Announcer) This next match is a Submission match the only way you can win it is by submission or pin fall.

Making his way to the ring Rashad August and his challenger from Houston, Texas he is the current Hardcore champion Daniel Sumrall DTH.

(Bell Ring)

Rashad is in the ring showing off for his fans.

Metallica- "Seek and Destroy" fills the arena.
No sign of Daniel. Several minutes pass the music starts up again, still no sign.

(Commentator 1) This is strange; where the heck is he?

(Camera to the back)

A fight has broken out between Daniel and Doctor Death.

A referee is on the scenes quickly.

(Bell Ring)

(Commentator) Looks like we have a hardcore championship match on our hands.

Doctor death with a handful of Daniels hair repeatedly smashing his face into the wall, Daniel’s face bloodied and bruised he blocks the last slam and counters with a high elbow to Doctors face.

He turns and unloads a barrage of kicks and punches on Doctor Death.

Death blocks a punch and takes Daniel down with a low kick.

He quickly rolls him up for the pin 1…2… kick out.

Both men to their feet now, Doc gets Daniel in a headlock trying to go for a DDT, but Daniel counters and sends Doc flying as they both spill out onto the ramp.

The crowd goes crazy.

Doc now back in control picks Daniel up and delivers a mighty back drop off the ramp onto the unforgiving cold hard concrete.

The referee is there within seconds.

Doc jumps down and moves in for the pin 1…2 .. Rashad sees his opportunity and breaks it up with a steel chair to Doctor Deaths skull he collapses in a heap and Rashad calls for the bell and a referee.

He quickly locks in the sharpshooter and a half conscience Daniel screams out in pain then taps out.

It’s over.
(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner and the new Hardcore champion Rashad)

(The Enemy fills the stadium) GM Celeste Winchester makes her way down the ramp.

She has the hardcore championship belt in her hands and hands it over to Rashad.

Celeste: I believe this is yours again.

Rashad: Yes it is, thank you.

Celeste: Nice job in winning it back, well done.

Suddenly the stadium turns as dark as a moonless night.

The crowd goes crazy.

"Tear Away" fills the stadium, and the lights return but Anon is no where to be seen.

Celeste stares in silent disbelief, at the carnage before her eyes.

A collective gasp of shock from the crowd fills her with dread.

Three superstars lay motionless and broken before her, and the HC Title is no where in sight.

Camera fades out, show goes off the air.

Faces on ECW


Jabot Singleterry

Bryn Swartz

Kevin Williams

Lucas Berndt

Tony Arnoldine

Hector De Jesus

Clifford Yates
Michael Scanion

Tyler Williams

Heels on ECW

Doctor Death

Rashad August

Joseph Daniel


Ross Rutherford

Nathan Migeul

Daniel Sumrall


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