WWE News: Latest On Chris Jericho's WWE Future

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2013


Chris Jericho shocked the wrestling world by returning at the Royal Rumble and lasting over 45 minutes. His present stint has been both critically acclaimed by some and held under major scrutiny by others.

Regardless of the subjective opinions, there is no argument that he has performed excellent work since his return. From his fantastic matches against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on Raw to his willingness to make Fandango more relevant than his song, he has proven himself (again) to be a selfless, consummate professional.

Despite this, we will be seeing another period of absence by the six-time world champion.

Many are aware of the reports that he will be taking time off before SummerSlam to go back on tour with his band Fozzy, but now there is more information that's been revealed about his impending time away from the ring.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc.com), his once-predicted fall return date is looking more like the beginning of next year, around the Royal Rumble. This is primarily due to his tour, in addition to other projects that will consume his time, making him unable to commit to a WWE schedule for the rest of the year.

Although this babyface run came with a litany of losses, it surely was better than his 2012 run as a heel. Last year, Chris Jericho did not win a single pay-per-view working as a villain, losing against CM Punk twice, coming up short in a Fatal 4-Way against Sheamus and being unsuccessful in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match. He at least has two pay-per-view wins as a babyface, dating back to SummerSlam of 2012.

When he returns in the beginning of the year, Jericho is due to start a program leading to WrestleMania XXX. No word yet regarding whether he will be a face or a heel.

Hopefully it will be the former, because the most recent heel Jericho that we were acquainted with would be bound to lose his WrestleMania match.

Will the absence of Chris Jericho affect the WWE? Comment, respectfully, below.


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