WWE 2K14's Cover Contest Gives Community Chance to Create Alternate Cover

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 24, 2013

image from 2K Sports
image from 2K Sports

Many sports video games have cover contests, but 2K Sports is taking an extra step towards involving the community in creating an alternate cover for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game.

The Rock, per Stephanie McMahon's Twitter account, has been announced as the official cover athlete for the game due to release on Oct. 29, per WWE.com.

But the contest provides aspiring artists/wrestling fans an opportunity to create a second cover that will appear inside the packaging of the game, per 2K Sports.

Those who are interested in participating can click here to download the assets needed to create their cover.

Contestant's creations can be based on one of 41 different Superstars or Divas. The choices range from mega stars like The Rock, Ryback, John Cena, A.J. Lee, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Brock Lesnar to midcarders like Justin Gabriel, The Bella Twins and Zack Ryder.

After the artist/fan has created their cover, the final step of the process is to tweet a link to their image with a hashtag of #WWE2K14Cover.

The design that is chosen as the best will appear as an alternate art cover in the game.

Community-made alternate covers are nothing new to the world of sports video games, but this is perhaps the first time a publisher has officially allowed gamers to have their work seen in the actual game.

There are tons of creative and passionate WWE fans, so seeing the creations will be a blast.

There will likely be a ton of Ziggler, Punk and Daniel Bryan submissions considering their enormous popularity at the moment. Fans looking to pay homage to the legends of the WWE may elect to choose The Undertaker, Triple H or Kane for the theme of their creations.

Those that are interested need to get to work—the deadline for the contest is midnight ET on July 23.


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