WGN Anchor Clowns Bruins Fans with Faux Stanley Cup Case

Derek WolffContributor IIIJune 24, 2013

Chicago sports anchor and overall funnyman Pat Tomasulo took the Stanley Cup for a grand tour of Boston yesterday to the delight of the local Bruins fans. At least, the fans thought it was the Cup.

Tomasulo, a sports anchor for Chicago's WGN News, came up with the neat trick to slap some Stanley Cup Final stickers on an ordinary grey camera case back in 2010 when the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in six games to claim Lord Stanley's Cup. Tomasulo and his producer were back at it again in 2013 with the Blackhawks just one win away from taking the title again.

After slapping the new stickers on the same case and throwing on dark suits with shades—and complete with the trademark white gloves—Tomasulo did his best Phil Pritchard impression while clowning Boston fans throughout the city streets. 

Per WGN's website, here's a look at the video.

You can see Tomasulo and his producer really selling the joke by bumbling around with the case and dropping it at popular intersections, as well as sitting on it. Those who stuck around long enough were rewarded with a peek inside and were able to behold all of the glory within: a single Blackhawks jersey.

The real Cup will be inside the TD Garden tonight for Game 6, with Chicago ahead in the series 3-2.