Why It's Getting Tiring Now... (Football Of Course!)

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IMay 5, 2009

I’m a football addict.

A huge fan of the sport... and almost everyone who knows me will know that. I love everything about the game, the excitement, the noise, the goals...but football recently has been having it’s déjà vu moments.

I’m tired of a lot of things about the sport, most involving the fans and supporters. Starting with what I call "The one-game Newbie’s".

I’m not sure why I’ve chosen that term, but it’s something to do with newly born supporters. These certain kids, who just started supporting a team this current season, but go along pretending they’ve been into the team all their lives...I know I’m not old enough to suggest that i'm the greatest fan or something, but at least I don’t claim to know everything...

A certain person I know, watched one game of a certain team, and decided to support them. Which isn’t a bad thing, I suppose, but when you run around challenging people who’ve been watching football they’re whole lives, pretending to be know-it-all’s, it gets very irritating.

Fakhts (I have to stop doing that), don’t make up all of football. You can’t talk about how great a game was, if you didn’t watch it live...if you weren’t there cheering your team on, crossing your fingers, biting your nails—praying to the gods of football for a win.

You can’t say "that was the greatest moment ever" if you didn’t feel the pain and the passion of a true supporter at that moment.

It’s not the same if you knew what the result would be!

You can’t tell me, someone who was in tears midway through the Champions League finals in 2005, that I don’t know how great that game was, when you yourself didn’t watch that game at that time...and only did watch it because some encyclopedia mentioned it as the greatest game ever, its just so wrong!

Of recently, I’ve stopped checking the news and forums after games too. It’s all so monotonous...Every time Liverpool win, they talk about how great they are, what a great tactician Rafa is, and then when they lose...they call him a madman and ask him to leave. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

When Man United win...they are the greatest team in the world... but when they lose, all you hear is how Liverpool is winning the league. It's absolute rubbish. I hate Manchester United and would love to hear nothing more about how they’d lose to Liverpool, but you can’t go blaming certain players and insulting people just because of one defeat.  

I hate listening to stories about "Luck". For example Liverpool winning with a last minute equaliser = luck.

Yes, luck does play it’s part in the game, but I don’t see a luck running around in a jersey scoring goals... I didn’t see him the day Man United scored a last minute winner? Where was he?

Another thing I’m tired of? Girls... Yes I know I’m one too.

What I mean is I’m fed up of hearing  girls go on about how hot Ronaldo is. Watch the football, damn it! Not the guy! Every time I talk about football to someone not of the male species, all I get is a full description of how hot Cristiano Ronaldo is!

I don’t see it—I just don’t!

It’s all boring the hell out of me, to the point where I just get irritated and turn of the laptop.

I guess nothing in life is perfect...Nothing is what it should be. Maybe I’ll have to spend the rest of my life listening to stories about Ronaldo’s abs , Man Utd’s greatness, looney Wenger, and Liverpool’s inconsistency.




To be honest, this article isn’t even supposed to be published. If ever it does go up somewhere, it’ll be due to the fact that I have nothing else to do. This is just me trying to get a tiny bit of the frustration in me out, so I can write like before which means... YOU don’t have to read, comment or even like what I’ve just written...