Mayhem Miller Explodes, Trashes Dana White During Twitter Rant

Damon Martin@@DamonMartinContributor IJune 25, 2013

Sometimes it's hard to tell when Jason "Mayhem" Miller is being serious and when he's trying to elicit a reaction with the things he says or does.

He's kind of like that high school friend who insults your sister until you're boiling red, and then proceeds to say "just kidding!" and laughs it off. Miller is the one, after all, who not long ago was arrested after being found naked in a church he vandalized with a fire extinguisher.

On Monday, just moments after UFC president Dana White tweeted the latest message from his company about the recent news that MMA would not be legalized in New York for yet another year, Miller went on the offensive and seemed quite infuriated with his responses.

It's unclear who these unnamed fighters are that have been fired that tried to suggest or start a fighter's union, but Miller maintained his position in later tweets aimed at the UFC's head honcho.

White has said in interviews in the past that he doesn't believe a fighter's union will ever happen, but mainly believes that's because the fighters themselves aren't necessarily in favor of it happening. It has nothing to do with the UFC shooting down the idea.

"There will never be a player's union in fighting," White said during an appearance at a conference in 2013. "Because you're never going to have guys that make it to the top and have that small window of opportunity to make money that are going to give up any of their money for guys who might never make it. A player's union would depend on the fighters—I don't see it ever happening."

The most inflammatory message, however, ended with Miller accusing the UFC of being a monopoly in the business of mixed martial arts.

White has battled against that idea as well in the past, and the promotion even underwent an investigation by the government in 2012 that was conducted by the Federal Trade Commission. The investigation concluded with the UFC having committed no violations in regards to being a monopoly in MMA.

"As far as this being a monopoly, the government came in and did a full blown investigation on us and whether we were a monopoly or not and the verdict ended up being no," White stated in the same interview.

Miller wasn't done with his UFC bashing, either, when fans began their responses to his tirade. He then accused the promotion of backing out from paying for knee surgery he required after his final fight with the organization.

The former UFC middleweight referenced the same injury when speaking to earlier this month saying that promotion dragged out the insurance process until his coverage lapsed and he was no longer covered by his plan.

Miller has never been one to hold his tongue for much of anything, and it appears his latest venomous rant was aimed directly at White and the UFC.

For his part, White seems to have ignored Miller's tweets at least for now. Whether he chimes in at a future date when Miller's name comes up again remains to be seen.

Damon Martin is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report