Breaking Down Nebraska Football's New Alternate Adidas Uniforms

Alex SimsCorrespondent IIIJune 25, 2013

Last season, Nebraska and Adidas rolled out a new set of alternate uniforms that featured an injection of black into the Huskers' traditional red and white color scheme. With those threads still in mind, Adidas debuted another black alternate uniform on Tuesday, as tweeted by ESPN's Darren Rovell and revealed on the Adidas US football Facebook page.

Taking a first look, this set is an absolute home run—especially compared to some of the loud and hideous uniforms Adidas has come up with in recent years.

Adidas' last try at splashing black on the Nebraska uniforms was more of a bloop single.

They were a bit quirky, but altogether decent when compared to the uniforms worn by Wisconsin on the other side of the field.

This time around, the Huskers will wear these uniforms on Sept. 14 against UCLA—a game that will kickoff at noon EDT and air on ABC.

The 2013 uniforms feature Adidas' TECHFIT technology, designed to keep the Huskers cool in that Midwest humidity.

The uniform is also an introduction of the company's TECHFIT ShockWeb technology, which features engineered body mapping, and is a lightweight knit structure that enhances range of motion.

Moving forward now, let's take a look at the Nebraska's 2013 alternate uniforms.

Helmet: 10/10

This is what a modern college football helmet is supposed to look like.

I love the black to red fade of the facemask. It appears as though Adidas is learning that it doesn't take a drastic change to take a helmet from boring to intriguing. 

Though it may be tough to tell, those are matte white helmets you're looking at, and the solid black and red on white is a very sharp, clean look that pairs perfectly with both the jersey and the pants. 

Simply put, this is one of the better looking helmets in college football.

Jersey: 9/10

These jerseys are pretty simple, which is actually a good thing. 

The solid black is a good look and the shoulder patch is a great nod to the Huskers' traditional jerseys.

The numbers look great close up, as seen in the video below, but from far away they look a bit awkward. That is really the only thing detracting from an otherwise great uniform.

Also looking close up, the design on these TECHFIT tops is very neat, though it doesn't show up from afar.

Pants: 9.5/10

Adidas nailed it by again going simple with these bottoms.

The solid white pants with the black stripe is consistent with the theme of this uniform and pulls the look together.

The large block "N" logo is a great addition of style as well—it both keeps with the theme and matches the helmet.

Overall: 9.5/10

The folks over at Adidas did an excellent job of creating a uniform that isn't flashy or gimmicky, but at the same time has a bold look.

Overall, the design is simple, but has numerous interesting touches—like the striped socks, jersey patch and faded facemask. 

There isn't a real "wow" factor with these threads, but in all, it is a great look.