WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from June 26

Tim KeeneyContributor IJune 26, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It won't be long before WWE's Main Event is no longer known as a secondary show. 

The weekly event may only be an hour long, and it doesn't usually involve major storyline development, but it constantly showcases terrific action inside the ring.

And on Wednesday night from Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina, WWE brought out some massive star power. 

Chris Jericho took on Cody Rhodes in the first match of the night, and newly returned Christian battled U.S. champ Dean Ambrose in the second. 

Let's take a look at what went down. 


Chris Jericho Defeats Cody Rhodes via Submission

As it tends to go with the initial battle of Main Event, this was a terrific, good ol' fashioned wrasslin' match. 

Each wrestler showcased some impressive offense, there were some exciting near-falls, and in the end, Jericho came away with the victory via Walls of Jericho. 

The winner himself summed it up perfectly:

"Great match" is the ideal way to put it. The crowd was enthralled, and the audience on Twitter responded similarly: 

There probably isn't much in terms of a future feud here, but this was simply a fun one to watch inside the ring. 


Christian Defeats U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose via DQ

Contrary to the opener, this one was clearly more for the storyline; it certainly left us wanting more. 

Christian and Ambrose were highly entertaining and worked extremely well together inside the ring, but it ended after just a couple of short minutes when The Shield interfered and attacked Captain Charisma. 

When the Usos came out for the save, it set things up for SmackDown on Friday night:

This is a tricky feud to handle for WWE. The Shield has been a dominant force for the past six months, whereas The Usos are finally in the midst of a (deserved) push after continually losing. 

Turning that into something credible is highly difficult. But so far, so good for the often-scrutinized company:

This doesn't feel like a powerhouse versus a couple of jobbers, and after Wednesday's interaction, I'm intrigued to see what happens next. 


The Prime Time Players Defeat Brodus Clay and Sweet T

This was a short match that ended the night.

Still, although neither of these teams are going anywhere currently, it's nice to see WWE at least attempting to build up the rest of the tag team division. 

A Divas match would have been nice, however.