WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Ryback vs. Chris Jericho Needs a Stipulation

SMGAnalyst IIJune 26, 2013

What is the meaning behind the Ryback/Jericho match without a stipulation? (photo courtesy of wwe.com)
What is the meaning behind the Ryback/Jericho match without a stipulation? (photo courtesy of wwe.com)

At Money in the Bank, Ryback and Chris Jericho will face off in what seems to be a meaningless match without a stipulation. However, the addition of meaning and a stipulation will make this match much more intriguing.

Jericho has returned to WWE seemingly to put over younger stars. He also did this in his last run in the company with Dolph Ziggler. Jericho is not considered someone in line for a world title, but someone who can help other Superstars.

If there is a Superstar who needs help, it is Ryback. After debuting as the Big Hungry in 2012, Ryback was on course to be the next top babyface. He was dominant and was getting a great reaction from the crowd with the “feed me more” chants. Unfortunately, once he was pushed, Ryback began to fail. After taking John Cena’s place against CM Punk at Hell in a Cell 2012, Ryback started a losing streak on pay-per-view that still stands today.

Even a heel turn couldn’t help Ryback. He is not ready to be WWE champion, but the company continues to set him up to be the losing challenger.

What would a match with Jericho do for Ryback?

Well, it would be an easy win for the Big Hungry as he looks to end his pay-per-view losing streak. Jericho doesn’t need the win, but Ryback desperately does.

At the same time, WWE should add a stipulation to their match to make it interesting. Have the winner of the match be the eighth Superstar in the WWE title Money in the Bank match. There have been Money in the Bank matches with six competitors or eight competitors, but seven? No.

Without the stipulation, why would fans be interested in this match? The outcome is obvious, and on a pay-per-view with two huge ladder matches in addition to championship contests, a simple singles contest between two Superstars who randomly have a problem with one another is pointless.

Perhaps Ryback would still win with the stipulation and enter the Money in the Bank all-stars match, but Jericho may have a better argument for the win. After all, he is a former champion and creator of the match. Ryback would be the only one in the match who hasn’t been a world champion in WWE.

Hopefully this match will not remain a simple singles match on July 14 in Philadelphia. Hopefully, at Money in the Bank, there will be more on the line for Ryback than just a losing streak. Hopefully, there will be something on the line for Jericho as well.


What are your thoughts on adding a stipulation to Ryback and Chris Jericho’s match at Money in the Bank? What type of stipulation would you add to their match? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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