WWE News: Update on Christian's Role at SummerSlam

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJune 27, 2013


After nearly one year of being absent due to injury, former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, returned on an episode of Raw one week ago. He defeated Wade Barrett, and received an ovation from the crowd that sealed his plans to remain atop babyface. This response from the audience also gained him momentum on the road to becoming a world champion once again.

The passion was revisited on the following episode of SmackDown. After Christian defeated Drew McIntyre, he grabbed the mic and let the WWE Universe know that he was focused on getting "one more match" and becoming a three-time champion.

During this promo, The Shield interrupted and commenced a three-on-one attack on Christian, leading to a triple powerbomb. There was not any appropriate follow-up on Raw to explain their decision. However, Christian did get a chance for retribution by facing United States Champion Dean Ambrose on this past episode of Main Event. The match ended in an interference of The Shield, which led to The Usos making the save.

As a result of these recent happenings, the current plan is to set up a match between Christian and Dean Ambrose at the SummerSlam pay-per-view (h/t WrestlingInc.com).

Seemingly, it appears as if Christian will be used once again as a mid-carder to put Ambrose over. Moreover, it does not seem as if Christian will get one last main-event push that many feel he deserves.

As seen on Raw, Christian will be one of the participants of the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view. It looks as if he will be used simply as a spot-fitter, developing his angle further with Dean Ambrose after the PPV.

Christian is one of the most decorated stars in WWE history. He has won numerous championships and has shown that he can put together memorable matches. Despite this, he has been booked as a midcard talent for most of his career.

Sadly, with these recent reports, this status for Christian will continue to transpire. Only, this time, he may be used to put over younger talent and never get a full opportunity to prove himself as a main-eventer.

Do you think Christian should be booked as a main-eventer or a mid-carder? Sound off, respectfully, below.


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