The Best Wrestler in the World: Bryan Danielson Rediscovered

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2009

Many wonder who is "The Best Wrestler in the World." You can bet your last nickle he doesn't go by Cena, HHH, Edge, or Jericho. His name is Bryan Danielson. And if you don't believe him, just ask him.

Or better yet take 15 minutes to watch one of his matches. I guarantee you that you will be convinced in one, and the other 14 will be pure amazement.

Redefining the way a pro wrestler is described, the 5'9" American Dragon lives ever word of the "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional" his MySpace describes.

You see although Danielson has traveled the globe and accumulated dozens of titles to his credit, he's still missing one thing. Respect. That's why those who know of him need to rediscover him and those who don't need to find what they've been missing.

Whether you know the American Dragon or are discovering him for the first time, you will be relieved that you're not the only one who was missing out on this great talent.

"What? What?" John Cena taunted as he club Danielson in the back during their Velocity matchup that February night in 2003. But like the reversal artist that he is, Danielson turned the tide and hit Cena with a running knee to the gut.

"Ooh," Cena gasped. Bryan quickly went for the pin as a young Josh Matthews casually noted, "Well partner, this could be a huge upset" in between plugging Cena's upcoming match with Brock Lesnar and Rock vs. Hogan II.

In less than a minute later, WWE's up-and-coming rapping superstar scooped up the American Dragon and hit a thunderous blue thunder pin for the one-two-three. And just like that the WWE missed out on a shinning star.

Despite having all the talent on the planet, he was never big enough for the WWE. He was soon released from the WWE, which came to be a blessing in disguise as he rediscovered himself.

This is where is his MySpace slogan becomes clear. It's where he shines. Instead of lingering on the pain of not being accepted, the American Dragon picked himself up, traveled the world, and became a star.

He had already made a name for himself in the grassroots promotion Ring of Honor, where he had classic battles with Lo-Ki and Christopher Daniels. But it wasn't until Sept. 17, when he won his first world title that he finally step into his rightful place.

He put a company on his back and ran with it as he feuded with the likes of Samoa Joe, Nigel McGuiness and his arch rival Austin Aries.

If you want to see what wrestling's all about, check out any one of these matches. Or just watch the closing of this clip from his match on HDNet.

His theme song title says it all: "Self Esteem" as he's never lacking a self appointed pat on the back. But if you think he's not worthy of this praise, simply step to him and let him know. He'll merely smirk as the fans will break out in a "You're gonna get your f'n head kicked off" chant. And moments later you will.

He's got more moves than Malenko and more holds than Jericho. He can turn a simple wrist lock into the deadly Cattle Mutilation. He is everything you want to be, and he does it all with ease.

Bryan Danielson once again made it back to the WWE where he defeated Lance Cade on Raw in 2008. And once again the WWE passed.

For whatever reason Vince has signed his two classmates, Cade and Kendrick, yet passed on the most talented of three.

Maybe it has to do with Danielson not being made a star by the WWE. Or maybe Vince fears what Bryan could become.

Either way, "The Best Wrestler in the World" is about to be a free agent once again. Let's just hope the WWE smartens up and rediscovers the American Dragon Bryan Danielson.