Chicago Blackhawks Tip Their Hats to Boston Bruins Fans with Classy Globe Ad

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 28, 2013

The Chicago Blackhawks took out a full-page ad just so they could tip their hats to Boston Bruins fans, delivering a classy move befitting a Stanley Cup champion. 

Nick Hansen of Next Impulse Sports spotted a wonderful ad featured in the Boston Globe, one the report states was taken out by Rocky Wirtz, chairman of the company that owns the Blackhawks, as well as team president John McDonough. 

Here is that ad: 

Thank you: An open letter to the Boston Bruins organization and the city of Boston

Hockey is a tough game. As impressed as we were by the strength, talent, and competitive spirit of the Boston Bruins on the ice, we were deeply touched by what happened off the ice. Rarely have we experienced the hospitality you afforded us throughout the playoff series between two incredibly gifted teams.

On behalf of the Chicago Blackhawks organization and the entire Wirtz Corporation, we want to personally express our heartfelt appreciation to your city, the Bruins organization, and especially, the citizens of Boston for the remarkable welcome you showed our team and the many Chicagoans who visited.

From Boston’s political leadership to every member of the Bruins organization, from the players to the people on the streets, you demonstrated respect, good sportsmanship, and a genuine love for the great game of hockey.

Like the rest of the world, Chicagoans have been reminded in recent days of Boston’s strength. Please know we tip our hat to your city’s big heart and gracious spirit. You lead by example and have set the bar very high for others to follow.

And that, my friends, is how you act like a champion. Wins should be uplifting; championships should invigorate and inspire. 

The Blackhawks seem to get that sentiment. 

The NHL playoffs were filled with fans doing their best to stoke the friendly fires of animosity. You had a bar in Pittsburgh banning any Boston beer being imbibed and Bruins fan Michael J. Fox trolling fans with cupcakes

Smack talk made way for some serious debate when various teams' fans adopted the burgeoning rally cry of "Boston Strong" as their own. 

Yahoo! Sports' Greg Wyshynski reported on a T-shirt company Cubby Tees pulling its "Chicago Stronger" shirts after receiving a wealth of vitriol on the Internet from people who felt it was adopting a slogan meant to build camaraderie in the aftermath of tragedy at the Boston Marathon. 

And so continues ongoing discourse on what is proper between fanbases choosing to have some fun with a little trash talk. 

There is no such debate in this case. No, the full-page ad smacks you in the face in the best way possible because the class of this organization is immediately evident. 

Now we tip our caps in the general direction of the Blackhawks organization, champions in the truest sense of the word.


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