Random Dolphin Drops Serious Photobomb on Vacationing Bulls Star Carlos Boozer

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 28, 2013

Photo Credit: Carlos Boozer Instagram
Photo Credit: Carlos Boozer Instagram

Just when you think you are safe, miles out into the ocean, a dolphin comes by to steal your Instagram thunder with an epic photobomb.

Such was the plight of Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer, who was chilling out on a boat when he posed for a picture to make those of us sitting in front of a computer rather jealous.

Here is Boozer's Instagram:

As soon as the big man said "Cheese!" a dolphin came by to photobomb this image from the realm of normal into the land of the unforgettable. 

And just so you know, dolphins are pretty good at this game, via Huffington Post:

As we know, photobombs can happen in an instant. Ones featuring wonderful animals are far rarer than scene-stealing humans.

Still, Wayne Rooney's horse managed to flaunt a huge grin behind an unsuspecting Michael Owen, pictured in a Red Mancunian post this past March:

There is just something about athletes interacting with animals that drives fans wild. If you don't believe me, here is a picture guaranteed to turn any frown the right side around:

Enough with all those second-rate photobombardiers, because we have a winner when it comes to creating hilarity behind the scenes.

No animal or human alive can top the king known as Chris Bosh:

As for Boozer, he seems perfectly at peace, resting his 31-year-old body for an upcoming season wherein the Bulls are sure to once again make an appearance in the playoffs.

Still, the man seems to be fairly oblivious to life's more subtle jokes. His Instagram contains the caption, "Enjoying A Beautiful Day!!! #blessed #yachtlife #holdat."

After all that work, the dolphin couldn't even get mentioned.


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