WWE Divas: E!'s 'Total Divas' Set to Affect Multiple WWE Storylines

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 29, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

WWE has been heavily promoting its Total Divas reality show set to air on the E! network.  The show will provide a look behind the curtain of a typical day in the life of a WWE Diva.  Noteworthy aspects of the Diva's real life will include the romances outside of the ring. 

According to Andy Neuenschwander, severely underused Diva Natalya recently married longtime boyfriend Tyson Kidd, who is currently out with a torn ACL. 

Nikki Bella is currently dating John Cena, while Brie has been with Daniel Bryan for quite some time.  It has already been reported that at least Nikki and Cena's relationship will be featured on the show.  WWE has promoted the show to its core fanbase—regular viewers of Raw and SmackDown—and therefore may be forced to create a measure of congruency between its television characters and their real lives. 

It will be difficult for fans to buy the budding romance between Natalya and Khali with footage of her real-life wedding airing on the E! network.  It's a shame.  Khali and Natalya seemed so right for one another with their matching fuchsia wrestling gear.

Then there's the Bella Twins.  The centerpieces of Total Divas are currently dating two of the most high-profile WWE stars right now.  One doesn't need to read his anniversary T-shirt to know that the current WWE champion has carried the company for well over a decade. 

Daniel Bryan has been the focal point and wrestling workhorse of Raw and SmackDown on a routine basis.  In an important career highlight, the surging Superstar scored a clean win over Randy Orton to end Raw this past week. 

During a recent controversy over cryptic comments of Vince McMahon being down on a "certain individual," via PWTorch, Shawn Michaels clarified that individual was not Daniel Bryan.  In fact, he tweeted the following comment about Daniel Bryan from Vince McMahon himself:

@WWF_WCW_Fan. That isn't even who we were talking about. He's big on DB. Shame y'all let those folks work you like that. #thinkforyourself

— Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) June 28, 2013

Bryan's an early favorite to win the WWE Championship Money in the Bank, but win or lose, Cena and Bryan seem to be on a collision course this summer in one form or another. 

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan-Cena has been rumored to headline SummerSlam.  If this is the case, the Bellas' real-life relationship with the two stars could be intertwined into storylines. 

It would only be fitting considering the show debuts on July 28, less than one month before the SummerSlam pay-per-view. 

The show could be used to add quality to a buildup for a potential Bryan-Cena showdown.  WWE is no stranger to the art of the reality-based storyline.  Let's not get started on the whole Matt Hardy-Edge-Lita love triangle that launched Edge into superstardom.   

Total Divas can add a dimension of legitimacy to the WWE's otherwise contrived angles.  To ignore glaring aspects of reality that will be readily available to wrestling fans is a whole new level of patronization. 

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