Toronto Raptors Reportedly Pursuing Eric Bledsoe

Raju ByfieldAnalyst IIIJune 29, 2013

The Toronto Raptors are rumoured to be pursuing Eric Bledsoe.
The Toronto Raptors are rumoured to be pursuing Eric Bledsoe.Harry How/Getty Images

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Toronto Raptors have joined the list of teams pursuing Eric Bledsoe.

While the article did not discuss firm trade parameters, it speculated that the Raptors might look to unload Andrea Bargnani and perhaps DeMar DeRozan for Eric Bledsoe and another contract, which could be Caron Butler.

According to Rotoworld, "this deal is still in its embryonic stages," and no concrete information has been made available.

It is further reported that Eric Bledsoe is looking for an extension before the late October deadline, so perhaps some type of sign-and-trade deal would make the mathematics work more favorably for both teams.


Does this deal make sense for the Raptors?

Eric Bledsoe is an explosive starting-calibre point guard. If general manager Masai Ujiri is not sold on Kyle Lowry’s ability to lead a top Eastern Conference team, then this deal makes sense for the Raptors.

While DeRozan has been my favourite player on the Raptors for years, he is now expendable, especially after acquiring Rudy Gay. Also, Terrence Ross probably has limited trade value, which makes him an unlikely component in deals.

DeRozan is the most valuable trade asset when contracts are considered. He may be the subject of much trade chatter this summer while Masai works on reshaping the Raptors roster.

Andrea Bargnani is on his way out one way or another, and getting back a potential All-Star point guard for him would be a win.

On paper, DeRozan and Bargnani seem like too much for Bledsoe, but this is essentially a DeRozan-for-Bledsoe deal with Bargnani as sweetener.


Does this deal make sense for the Los Angeles Clippers?

Under new head coach Doc Rivers, Bargnani may find new life as part of a highly potent second unit. He could finally carve out the niche he was destined for as an explosive, mismatch-making sixth man.

Playing with the league’s best point guard in Chris Paul would also help Bargnani reach his full potential as an NBA player.

The Clippers are after a shooting guard in the Bledsoe talks, and they may not have a chance to land a better one than swingman DeRozan. He has "Lob City" written all over him.

DeRozan is from Compton, Calif., and would relish the chance to play in the Staples Center.

This deal would be a definite win for the Clippers. They would pick up two established NBA scorers and former lottery picks for a point guard who is leaving LA either through a trade or free agency next summer.


All in all, this looks like a good deal for both teams.

What are your thoughts, Raptors fans?